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Megan – Candy Shop (English)

So, Candy is my favourite nowadays since RH went through their price hike and hired a lot of girls that wont do Pussycat. I almost always want Pussycat and even after Candy’s change of pricelist I can get a 30 min massage + Pussycat for 2000 which is ok. Had some really nice meetings at Candy with girls like Karolina, Sarlotta, Zara, Laura and a few more I can’t remember the names of. Only one bad really with Lola and I’ve written about that.

So, Candy usually doesn’t disapoint and I saw a new girl called „Michel“ so asked for her over WhatsApp. I was almost immediately informed that she does not do any extras such as Pussycat. I appreciate that they were upfront with this info. Asked if there were other girls that also wouldn’t do extras and they wrote: Kira.

Ok, so not Michel and not Kira but I found Megan that looked nice. I made the reservation and had really high hopes! Again, Candy usually doesn’t disapoint.

I arrived on time and was let in through the door. I’ll spare you the details of what it looks like at Maiselova, we all know how it works.

There were a bunch of women in the bar area but no Megan – they told me she’d be out in a min. And yes, she was. A pretty young Ukrainian girl, looked tall in her high heels. I’d say description on the website is pretty accurate I was lucky enough to get the big room and in we went. Her English is fine, no issues given what we are there to do. She asked if I wanted shower together but I always find it a waste so turned it down. (to be clear, I showered from the waist down even tho I had showered my entire body thoroughly 20 min before I got there) She asked what kind of massage and I said Pussycat. She said sure…

I like Pussycat since it is both Give and Receive. Best of both worlds in my book. I asked to start with me Giving which she was fine with and laid down on her back and I started. I didn’t get much of a response in her body language, a few faked sighs so that was a shame but hey, not all girls appreciate Receiving and maybe she didn’t like my way of doing it – who knows…

I asked to switch and since we’d already gone through 10 min out of my 30 min booking a laid down on my back and she started. I can’t say it was great. She poured A LOT of oil on me and started sliding a bit up and down. It was actually so bad that I didn’t even have an erection and that’s usually NOT a problem. She kept looking at the clock and I realised what this would be. She poured even more oil and started jerking. It wasn’t great but sure, I started to get hard and almost as soon as it was up, she sat on my stomach, poured a BOAT-LOAD of oil all over her tits and made sure to get PLENTY of it between her legs.

I know this trick. Seen it before at RH but never at Candy. She turned around so that she’s still sitting on my chest with her back to me and started the famous „chase“, jerking really hard and fast. It was so bad that I just wanted to end it and get out of there but in this, there was no way I could finish. I pulled her hips towards my face, in spite of knowing the amount of oil she poured there to keep me away. She resisted for a bit but I said hey, we said Pussycat and she reluctantly moved up closer so I had her pussy about 5 cm from my face. I couldn’t get much closer without drowning in oil but at least the sight was nice so I finally managed to finish.

She jumps up, grabs paper, wipes me down, looks at the clock, realizes there’s still a min to chase tips so she lays down next to me and tries to have a frindly conversation hoping I was new in this and didn’t understand her tricks. Sad. (she got no tips!!)

I ask to have a shower and she insists on showering with me so we have a shower together, pure effective cleaning and washing. I get dressed, kiss on the cheek and leave with about 5 min to spare.

Start to finish about 25 min. This was one of the worst ones I’ve ever had at Candy. Worth mentioning, I have a beard. I try to make sure it’s not too short when I go for massage since I know some girls are more sensitive down there and as mentioned, I usually want Pussycat. If Megan is one of the sensitive girls I 100% understand but for the love of god, don’t say yes to Pussycat if you know you don’t want it and then waste a truckload of oil between your legs making any kind of closer contact impossible which of course is what you are aiming for. I’d go so far as to call that bordering a scam.

If this is the new Candy I think I’ll quite honestly give up Erotic Massage all together.

Type of massage: B2B (I think)

Lenght: 30min (ended up being about 25)

Price: 1500Czk+500 extra for Pussycat.


Bad/Unhappy smily!!!


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9 května, 2024 15:21

She probably didn’t like you or beard but that could happen anywhere. I have always visited girls after clean shave and fancy aftershave lotion, it works like a charm.

PS: If you want to experience a real scam pussycat then try loveme, avalon, for you etc

9 května, 2024 16:11

My opinion is that 30 min Is not sufficient amount of time to get a experience you look for.The girl was propably in the hurry . Just try to think of that And next time order at least 60 min.
Just advice if you take it.

10 května, 2024 16:15
Reply to  Viking

I would not call it a puniish but surely 30 min Is not enough time to put a girl to the test. Consider how much time you spend in the shower one before and one after to take dress off and on then covering bodies with oil. That means only about 15 min for action itself less maybe Girl can be under pressure and try to finish fast.
Why not lay Pussycat aside at the first meeting in order to save money.
Well maybe you keep your way.
I wish you better next time.

9 května, 2024 23:57

Candyshop is not in good mood. Many negative feedbacks.

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