Priváty v Praze

Lenka, Prag 10

I met up with Lenka during my tour of private apartments in Prague. The private apartment is quite far out in a single-family house in Prague 10, in a quiet residential area. Lenka is a Slovakian woman in her mid to late 20s. The description is somewhat accurate. Contrary to the photos, she has relatively little waist and some belly fat. She is shaved except for a strip, has a single small tattoo, and her face is rather average. Nonetheless, she is very nice and service-oriented, and I stayed for another 30 minutes, this time with natural French and French kissing. It was worth it.

Again, at the beginning, the obligatory shower in the room, then mutual undressing with French kissing, and I peeled off the fat natural breasts from her bra while she fondled my stiff cock through the slit. She then knelt in front of me and took my dick in her mouth, the blowjob was very good, deep, wet, and alternated with intense French kisses, nipple sucking, and deep throat. I then fingered her and found her quite wet. The room was relatively dark, but surrounded by mirrors, the photos on the website show the somewhat old-fashioned decor. I had her sit on the mirrored dresser, fucked her tits a bit, and then, after putting on the condom, slid my hard cock into her wet slit (without lube). The fuck was really good and she couldn’t get enough. We had agreed on 30 minutes, but we didn’t watch the time here either. She fucked very enthusiastically, and I really gave it to her. In the end, she blew me nicely without a condom once again, and she milked out a hefty load that plastered her natural breasts. We said goodbye with a kiss, she even thanked me. Total cost €100 (2500 Czech crowns), including oral without condom and deep french kissing as extras for €20 each.

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