Priváty v Praze

Ella, Prag 2

At the end of my trip to Prague and exploring private apartments, I hit the jackpot once again. I contacted Ella, who resides in a quiet private apartment in Prague 2. Contact was perfect in English via WhatsApp, although scheduling was a bit tricky since she seemed to be quite busy. She only works during the daytime on weekdays. The ad hinted at an experienced service provider. In person, she is in her late 20s or early 30s, slim, and the photos are indeed of her. Her skin is firm and pale, she has no tattoos, was perfectly made up, and except for a very narrow landing strip, she was shaved. The best part is her size D tits, which are 100% natural and feel and look fantastic. Almost like Sharks-Brenda but 1-2 sizes smaller. Only her teeth are slightly yellowish, but that’s nitpicking at a high level, she’s a superb woman.

Naturally, I couldn’t resist the 60-minute session for €145 (3500 Czech crowns), with extras including French kissing and blowjobs without a condom. I was sent to the usual shower in the bathroom, then Ella joined me in red lingerie. We kissed tenderly while standing. I uncovered her huge tits and she touched my stiff cock. I got to lick and fondle her perfect breasts thoroughly. Before the French, there was quite a bit of dabbing, and it wasn’t very deep, all very gentle. My balls were also licked upon request. I reciprocated by licking her tasty pussy (fingering was prohibited), she got a little wet, moaned a bit, but didn’t completely let go. The sex in multiple positions was relatively unspectacular. She moves very little and enjoys feeling my cock deep inside her; however, she didn’t object to a slightly faster pace on my part. I could fuck her really nicely. At one point, the condom was removed again for a bit of a blowjob (which she used to sneak a quick glance at her phone). Ten minutes before the end (we were in the doggy position at the time), she said it was time. So, the condom came off again, and she jerked my cum onto her huge, amazing tits. A wonderful, dirty sight, followed by a friendly farewell after we both showered again.

Conclusion: A four-star experience.

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