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The Paysex situation in Prague isn’t quite straightforward. I’ve focused on private apartments, but most ads, in my opinion, are misleading. The photos are often fake, and you rarely see a face. The services advertised often don’t match what’s available in person. Many times, what was promised beforehand isn’t possible on-site. Even the age indications are often inaccurate. You make contact via WhatsApp with an agency that then guides you to the apartment. When you’re at the doorstep, they provide the apartment number. Since apartment prostitution isn’t likely legal in Prague, the door is immediately answered, and you’re greeted by the girl you booked. In my visits, I never saw another girl in the apartment, even if several were said to work there. Reviews can be found under „Recenze.“

I focused on girls around 20 years old, mentally adding about ten years. Kira is indeed in her early 20s, almost 1.80 meters tall, with a naturally pretty face. However, contrary to photos  (which are mostly not showing herself), she’s not slim and toned but rather normal slim, with a size 38. The last photos 8 and 9 are at real. She’s completely fair-skinned, shaved, with no tattoos, and has natural size B breasts. I’d definitely turn my head on the street for such a tall woman with a pretty face. Originally, an hour-long date was arranged through the agency. But on-site, kissing and natural blowjob weren’t offered, so I opted for the 30-minute service for 1600 Czech crowns (€64), with body cumshot costing an extra €20. Communication isn’t easy; forget about the languages listed as supposedly spoken by the service providers – Kira struggled through with broken English.

After the obligatory shower, we both got naked. Kira tried to get my dick hard, which didn’t work too well, so I had to explain how it’s done while I could touch and kiss her tits. The pussy was off-limits. Then she put on a green (!) condom and gave a blowjob that, if not performed by such a pretty girl, would’ve gotten a grade of three minus. Anyway, it served its purpose, and I got rock hard. I requested the cowgirl position first, and she started riding, but it got better when I took her from below. Unfortunately, she was already pre-lubricated, but as we tried numerous positions, it wasn’t replenished, and she was genuinely wet. She then wanted missionary, which I gave her good, followed by side position. She particularly enjoyed it from behind, and we both worked up a sweat. Finally, another round of cowgirl (her timer was ignored and already at 40 minutes). When I asked where to finish, she said not on her face, so I chose her fantastic ass, decorating it with thick streams of cum. The amount surprised her, and we both showered separately and said goodbye with kisses. Overall, I didn’t find the experience bad, but I can imagine some might be disappointed if there’s no chemistry.


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13 dubna, 2024 18:12

Photos are fake or beautified via snapchat filters throughout the Europe. It should be fine as long as it’s not dramatically opposite in reality. Main problem lies with the reviewers though providing romanticized, highly exaggerated depiction of girls as if Aphrodite or Venus reincarnated in the form of a sex worker.  🙂 

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