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Mira – Rabbit Hall

I’m back in Prague so I started again with some of the rabbits, let’s start from the new Mira.

At first, she is not working every day like some of the other girls, but I was able to have a meeting with before going to the office.

I visited the Prague 2 salon, nothing has changed from my last visit so no other details to add about the place that I’m sure we all know.

I booked as usual via the website, 1h b2b (regular price 2100, I got the 20% from the game on the website so I actually paid 1680 rounded to 1800).

About the girl, Mira is a very nice girl, the measurements are accurate except the age that I would say at least +4, but maybe it was just my impression about her because she looked tired. She is not Czech, I think she said she is from Latvia, and she speaks a very good English.

She welcomed with a big smile and a kiss on the cheek, gave me the slippers and brought me to one of the small rooms, once in the room we agreed on the b2b, she sent me to the shower and told me to wait for her while she was taking her towel. In the shower, she was quite „friendly“, started with the back to then explore more interesting zones and playing with my little friend that was already ready for the action.

Once I turned around, she asked me to help her with the cleaning, so I started to explore her body, squeezing her boobs and her juicy ass, I moved to her pussy and plaid with the clit with no complaints, until I found out she was in her days so no fingers inside (more details later).

We moved to the bed, and as usual we started with me on my belly, she took the baby oil and started to work on my feet and legs, this time though it was not the regular b2b starting massage, I had the feeling she didn’t know what to do, and the result was a little bit boring, plus she was kinda massaging me from a side (I don’t know if she felt a bit uncomfortable because of her period, or simply she was „shy“).

She started to go up and finally she sat on me, she focused on my back and neck, she was using a little bit her boobs but nothing major, also not so much GFE compared to other rabbits, but nothing to complain.  After few minutes, she turned around and started to user her ass to massage me while she was looking at her image on the top mirror.

Finally, she asked me turn around, finally because it was slower than usual, so I was afraid there was no time left to focus on my friend that was not really the main character of the massage up to that moment, anyway, she started to slide on my rubbing her pussy close to my friend while I was grabbing her ass. She faked rode me for a while, enjoying the 3d image with all those mirrors, then I asked her to change position so that I’d see her ass while she could finally focusing on my dick properly. Unfortunately there was not so much time left as I feared, so we had to jump into the shower and try to finish there, at least successfully.


  • very nice girl with juicy ass
  • very good english
  • not so much experienced and not so much GFE (at least compared to the other girls)
  • I personally don’t like when the masseuse is massaging with her period, I think it breaks the mood with more limitations and makes me uncomftable, on the other hand she didn’t really complain about anything and the only real limitation was no fingers inside
  • repeat? probably yes, but I will start asking if the girl is in her days, because is not the first time that I’m unlucky with this
  • I mark this massage as neutral emoji.

Attached the pics that shows her best selling point (it’s pity she didn’t have the uniform 😀 ),mira-rabbit-hall-774-910-918-774910918


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