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Ariana – Rabbit Hall

Another review for another rabbit.

This time is Ariana’s turn, I booked 1h b2b for 1900 CZK in Prague 2, I don’t describe the salon because I did several times, so nothing new to add (I already mentioned the new things in the last review).

I arrived at the salon perfectly on time, the door opened, I went down and the girl who opened the door was with a client, so again I met some other massage addicted, not a big deal for me since I don’t live in Prague, but for locals in my opinion they should be a little bit more careful with this.

The girl who opened the door asked me which girl I was there for, so she called Ariana and introduced herself. Ariana is definitely pretty, she has a great body, in the face you understand she is not in her 20s anymore, the website says 28 but I think she is at least 30, and the face reminded me a better and brunette version of Vanessa from Princess (now in Top).

Her english is ok, better than other masseuses, we went to a room and she asked me to shower together, so she went for oil and I waited for her. The shower was quite long, she cleaned me well and cuddle meanwhile, she invited me to play with her boobs (they are silicon but well made and proportional to the figure, I think she is proud of them and in general she likes if you play with them), but once I went a bit down and there was some contact with her pussy she immediately told me she doesn’t want to be touched her, of course I didn’t complain about since it’s her choice, but having an erotic massage without touching that area is a bit of a limitation.

Anyway, we moved to the futon and she started her massage, I think it’s her first job as masseuse becasuse she has no idea what to do, there was no structure at all, just her boobs caressing all my body, don’t get me wrong it wasn’t bad but if you go there also for the massage component there wasn’t.

Also the GFE was completely not existing, she was friendly but distant at the same time.

When the clock hit the middle of the hour, she asked me turn around and again I was invited to play with her boobs, she started to move around on top of me being extremely careful that not a cm of my body could touch her forbidden area, she has an amazing ass (way better than what you see in the picture), so since I was a bit bored by the massage, I asked her to go in 69 position to enjoy the view (of course she sat on me so that I couldn’t even see the forbidden area) while she was jerking me off.

I’m surprised I was able to finish since I was not that satisfied in that moment, I guess the mirror on the top and the ass 10 cm from my face helped.


  • pretty girl, not super young but she has an amazing body
  • friendly but distant at the same time
  • 0 GFE
  • boring massage with forbidden touches (I understand you don’t want the fingers inside for any reason, but in my opinion some innocent touches in the outer area in an erotic massage could help for the mood, otherwise I think it’s better the girl stays with the panties)
  • repeat? no
  • neutral emoji from me,ariana-rabbit-hall-774-910-918-774910918


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