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Nikol – Secret Place

Since I won the free pussycat massage in secret place, I decided to try Nikol.

I booked via sms with no issue (there was a misunderstanding about which massage was free, but it was solved thanks to the help of the admin and the operator was nice), 1h pussycat that should be 2400 CZK but was free for me.

I was planning to book Nikol for a while, but she was away or not available, this time I was lucky and I had the chance to finally meet her.

The salon is in moravska, the operator will text you the full address, and it’s the typical basement in the a regular building, it’s more a cellar with some rooms and a small bathroom, nothing compared to other more famous salons, but nothing that bad.

Nikol came to pick me up at the door in regular confy clothes, so much I couldn’t really understand that much about her gifts, she speaks decent english so the communication was not a problem, plus she was super friendly since the beginning.

We went to the room (same where I was with Blanka in my previous experience with this salon), we agreed on the free massage, she game me a towel and showed me the shower, we didn’t shower together at the beginning but we did at the end, more details later.

I came back from the shower and she came back naked with the salon’s nightie, again I appreciated a lot her approach, super super friendly.

About her appearance, she is quite young, I think the measurements from the website are pretty ok, the only different thing is that she has shorter hair and a little bit darker than in the picture, but in general I think she was prettier than expected meaning the pictures should be changed 😀

We moved to the futon, she oiled me a little bit and she started to slide on me, while caressing, and kissing my body, hands in the hands, kisses on the ears and so on, very good GFE.

She started also to massage the back, and she has a better techique than Blanka, not the best massage of my life, but definitely good and not boring, she is also quite funny, so when she saw I was looking at her via the mirrors, she was moving accordingly to be more sensual.

After I think 15 max 20 min, she asked me if I wanted to turn around, so oiled me again, and she went on top of me, so I could admire her boobs, considering she is not super tall, she has quite big ones, natural and sensible. She fake rode me a little bit, and I was touching her boobs and her ass (also a good one, see the picture), the only limitation was no fingers inside (outside was ok).

After few minutes, I asked her if I could lick her, she agreed and we switched positions, so I went on top of her and started my game, I don’t understand Russian nor Czech but from what she said, I think she enjoyed my techniques.

The only „sad“ part was that I could put the fingers inside, I think she could have enjoyed it more, but it’s ok. Since we had the last 10 min, we went in 69 position so that I could lick her while she was working on my friend, I exploded just in time.

She asked me to shower together, and it’s a pity the shower is crazy small, she was actually quite friendly also there, a better shower and also before the massage would be a really good addition.


  • beautiful girl, with very nice boobs and ass
  • amazing GFE approach
  • no fingers
  • repeat? YES
  • big smile emoji,nikol-secret-place-606-566-696-606566696


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