Priváty v Praze


Since I was disappointed by the ginger not ginger from the previous review, I tried again and found this new girl Eliska, she is Czech, around 22/23 years old, ginger and let’s say eccentric, more details later.

Also this girl is changing where she works every few days via airbnb, so in my case I visited a flat close to the now closed privat grace, but she is already advertising somewhere else.

I think some of the pictures in her profile, so I attached the one I’m sure it’s her even if it’s not super recent since she has several tattoos not visible in the picture.

She is offering 30 min for 1500 CZK and 60 min for 2000 CZK without extra included, I booked via whatsapp for 30 min and went to the place.

The girl is pocket size, she is super friendly, her english is not the best but I was able to make it work with few czech words here and there, the biggest difference with the picture is that she has some dredd hair now, like tamara in top, nothing crazy but it’s something to take in account.

I was sent to shower, and she was waiting me in the room with some weird lingerie that she only partially removed, even if she is super young, she has quite saggy boobs, so that’s probably the reason why she didn’t remove entirely the lingerie she had, but other than that all was good and in the right place, she has a very nice small ass.

We started as always with her caressing me to make me hard, condom on top and suck me, savage tecnique but the result was pretty good, then I licked her and fingered a little bit until she was wet and started the usual trio, so first me on top while squeezing her nipples (something that made her very horny) until she pushed me and jumped on me to ride me, I still can’t figure it out what she did but it was great, she looked like the duracell advertsiment with the rabbit, simply unstoppable 😀

While she was testing if my dick could be removed from my body, I grabbed one boob with one hand and her ass with the other until she took my hand and asked me to spank her, thing I was planning to do anyway but she made it sexier so 10 additional points for her.

The time was almost running out so I moved her to doggie and she went even crazier, she started to tweark while I was drilling her, until I exploded (unfortunately she didn’t want me to spray her).


  • nice girl, not a top model but she compensate a lot with the savage approach
  • she is definitely horny and she likes to fuck
  • a little bit weird girl, so maybe not for everybody
  • the only real con for me was that she didn’t want to lick my balls, not because I didn’t pay for the extra but because she doesn’t want to do it, not a big deal but it was a pity especially considering how savage it could have been.,eliska-eliska-praha-773-491-732-773491732


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