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Anjelika Privatek

Another experience from the last days. this time was the turn of Anjelika.

The girl is from Estonia, apparently she comes once in a while to Prague for a month of work and goes back home with some money, she doesn’t have a fixed place and she is renting airbnb flats so the description of the place where I was might be different of what you will experience.

I booked via whatsapp, she speaks english pretty well and she is quite friendly, keep in mind that the picture on whatsapp is way better than reality, and the pictures on the posts are not super updated on the other hand the pictures are not blurred so you have an idea of what she looks like, in my case I wanted a ginger after the blonde Mia so that’s how I ended up with her (spoiler alert, she is dark now).

She is asking for 2500 CZK for 1h including the blowjob without condom, massage, kissing on the body and on the lips (if there are sparks), the same services for 30 min are 1500 CZK, and she offers anal for additional 2000 (yes, 2000).

I picked 1h and went to this small studio in Zizkov, she came to pick me up and we went up together, asked me to shower and we started. She is nice, girl next door style, nothing crazy, I think she is between 25 and 30, she was without makeup (10 points less), the sizes on the post are matching reality, except the hair color (she was dark and not ginger, a bit a bummer since I found her by this criteria) and her boobs are less firm than in the picture, she is definitely a talker, she was sharing so much info abour her life without asking 😀

She took off the towel from my waist, kneel down and started to blow me on her knees, she was actually good at it, so told her to go to the bed, I started to lick her and finger her, and she really enjoying it until she begged me to fuck her, so took the condom and started in missionary position.

She started to kiss every part of my body she could get while I was on top of her, until she kissed me for real (I guess there were the sparks she wanted), she asked me if she could go on top and started to ride me like one of those bulls game from the movies until she squirted all over me (second shower basically).

As usual, I changed to doggie and I fucked her for a while, she has a decent ass (nothing to be crazy about but juicy), and she likes to be spanked, so I enjoyed until I sprayed her on the back.

She went to clean herself, and asked me if I wanted a massage, I agreed but she used it as a trigger for the second round, so she started to touch the right spots and once she felt I was hard again, started to blow me again, we had only few minutes so I decided to finish with the blow job and I painted her again.


  • girl next door girl with a great attitude and approach
  • nice bj skills
  • she is friendly and she likes what she is doing
  • repeat? maybe yes, even if I’d be happier with the same services for 2000 instead of 2500, but considering that in average is 2000 without extra at the end is not that bad,anjelika-anjelika-privatek-774-191-506-774191506


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Noble Member
12 září, 2023 18:34

Could you please write to each review at the end which smile you want add for this review ? It will save my time, thanks 🙂

13 září, 2023 17:45
Reply to  travelfucker

You are unlucky, until August you could have tickets for „privaty“ but from this month only massage tickets from reviews of massages. It seems that the promotion from Lovely Girls has ended:

Noble Member
13 září, 2023 18:28
Reply to  travelfucker

I think that we can count privat reviews to ticket if author want have chance win massage. I think that Mr.Bean will not want, but maybe i´m wrong 😀
I gave you 4 tickets for 4 reviews. To get more ticket for one review than it must be presented in the left column on the Try Nirvana massage, there you will get 3 tickets for every girl 🙂 No reviews yet …

13 září, 2023 18:38
Reply to  travelfucker

Well, then you are lucky  😀  Mr. Admin is usually very strict with this matter.

Noble Member
13 září, 2023 18:52
Reply to  Sktr

No a to je presne ten dvoji metr jak tu nekdo psal 😀
Stydim se a dam si ban ….

15 září, 2023 15:28
Reply to  admin

Mr. Admin klidně mě můžeš jmenovat po tom všem co jsem schytal od pana Beana ( sexuální dysfunkce)
Když už sis rýpnul tak ty už víš co je to ztratit se ve sprše?

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