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Daisy – Top Privat

Another experience to share, this time from the known TopPrivat.

It’s pointless to describe the place, except for the detail that this time I was in an egyptian room with the bed and the milking table, for the rest same story, booking via sms and usual prices.

I booked the new Daisy, to be honest hoping it was another residue from Grace but not really recognizable from the picture, unfortunately I was wrong, it’s a new girl and I don’t think she is going to work for so long.

Usually in top privat the girls are not the most beautiful ones but they compensate with a decent price and a decent approach, this one was weird.

At first, the pictures don’t really show you anything, the girl is the same but I had completely different expectations, the age is definitely underestimated, I’d say at least 33 and I think it’s optimistic, the height and weight could be ok, the boobs I would say a 1.5.

I booked for 1h (so 1800 CZK) but the girl told me she only had 30 min, I didn’t want to argue so I accepted since it was a „before dinner“ fun, so I paid 1400 CZK and went to the shower.

I come back to the room and the girl was definitely uncomfortable, I mean, I understand you are new and it’s weird at the beginning but it was really really weird, at the point I was tempted to cancel.

She undressed super quickly, and moved to the bed, that is basically the top effort she made during the entire action.

I tried to create the mood, so I started to kiss her body, play with her nipples, licking her pussy, finger it a little bit but even she was wet she didn’t emit a sound, nothing.

The breathing equivalent of a silicon doll, even this was the start, I thought I could turn it around because maybe she was simply shy or the issue was the english.

I tried to initiate the usual trio, so first missionary, then she on top and end with doggie. In every position she didn’t show any emotion, at some point I was hoping to finish asap to avoid it wouldn’t keep the hard shape at all. Even when she was on top, so the position where she actually had to do something, she was so boring! She was kinda jumping, definitely not comparable with Eliska from the other review, completely different story.

At the end, I was able to finish in doggie position (it’s usually the trigger for me that I’m about to end), she has a nice small ass but it looks like empty if you know what I mean.

Anyway, I finished, there was no sign from her for some conversation or cuddling or whatever she could do after sex, so I went to the shower, cleaned the incredible amount of lubricant she put on me before I fucked her, and left few minutes early with a super cold bye from the lady.


  • the lady is way older than advertised, and nothing memorable
  • she is a human silicon doll, completely passive, at the end I was happy that she proposed the 30 min only, at least I saved 400 CZK for beers later
  • return? hell no

I don’t know what locals think about this, but I noticed a decreasement in quality in this business. Not only they are increasing the prices everywhere (basically some massages are now more expensive than privats, or the price is the same but you have sex with the girl), maybe it’s because I don’t know the right places or they tend to milk money from the foreigners but I think the prague scenario is not as good as it was before.

Basically you have students asking for 2000/2500 CZK per hour to be fucked in their spare time, an infinite number of ukrainian and russian ladies asking for at least double the price, and not so much quality.

If you have suggestions, please share. Thanks!,daisy-top-privat-774-173-618-774173618


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12 září, 2023 15:54

Hi, sry to be bearer of bad new, but the situation will not get better anytime soon. The inflation is huge and it impacts girls no matter what. No matter if the girl is sudent or single mother they do it to pay the bills. Enven those student girls have to pay rent, utilities, food etc. and many of those poped up by 20 or 30% last 2 years.

Decreasing quality is also due to basic economics. Govememnt pumps new money, that causes overheated job marked therefor less girs willing to do this, lover competition etc.

Price of massages beeing same as price of sex also understandable. It is not the act that makes most of the price, it is mostly the time. Normal relax/sport massage in prague center is also around 1500/h, it simply need to be like that to pay bills.

In your case you realy get the short end of the stick since some grils don’t know english (or verry litle) so you have even less to chose from.

Only tip I can give you is to go for experiments and be very assertive in leaving immediately when girls are not ok for you.

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