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Olivia Mirage

Hi everybody!

I have enjoyed reading a lot of reviews here and had lot of use of them. I haven’t written any review of my own I guess partly because I can not write in czech and maybe partly because I can not write as vivid and enticing reviews as some authors here (I don’t have the talent). So, I spend about half the time every month in Prague and half in my homecountry in the north, and when I am in Prague I go to massage or Privat almost every day. But enough about me, now to the girl.

When I rang the bell to the Salon in Wenzigova street another girl came to open the door, but immediately went to get Olivia. Oliva is a Ukrainian young girl and I am very happy with how she looks. She speaks ok english and she told me she speaks good czech (but I can not judge this since my own czech is terrible). The rooms and showers in Mirage are good, the shower is in the room (I think in every room but I have not been in every room).

The massage (Body-to-body) is very close and intimate, like she really likes to be there. She is very present and I like that. There’s no rush and it’s just very enjoyable. We had such a nice time in the massage that there almost was no time for shower at the end, but anyway rather spend the time on the bed than in shower!

So, all in all a very young, slim and superbeautiful and nice girl doing a great massage (age, weight etc is correct I think).

Body-to-Body massage is 1800 Czk/hour,olivia-mirage-masaze-773-709-655-773709655

This is my first review so maybe I have made some mistake because there were many instructions. If so I hope you will have understanding.

All the best to all of you and keep enjoying our wonderful city!


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