Another bad review, well, bad experience at least.

I tried to meet Monika for a while, she never replied to my calls nor sms in english, so thanks to Google Translator, I texted her in Czech, suprise surprise she replied!

I agreed with her to meet for 1h, so I went close to the national teather at the agreed time, since there is no indication at the building door, I texted her again, and she told me to wait 10 min, I was not happy about it, but I really wanted to test her, so started to go around for a while to make the time go by.

At the new time, I texted her again, but this time I made the mistake to write in english, she replied that she didn’t accept foreigners and denied to meet me.

To recap:

  • no answers to sms in english
  • once i wrote in czech she agreed on a time
  • she didn’t respect the agreed time
  • she made me wait for additional 10 min
  • refused to meet me once she understood i wasn’t czech

Honestly, considering the context, I was not expecting to meet this kind of racism, so I wanted to share this experience with the community.

Big no no.,monika-608-791-163-608791163


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27 března, 2023 09:55

Never met Monika, but she might simply not feel comfortable communicating with non-Czech speakers. Might be language ability or whatever. It doesn’t matter. Can’t reaally blame her in this industry. Especially as an independent provider.

The lack of responses previously should’ve given you a hint. Really not sure how would you be expecting a good experience going into this.

Providers should have right to reject a client for any reason. So should clients with providers, if the it doesn’t feel right upon the meeting. You’re not buying coffee but a semblance of affection. Both parties are better off if this happens.

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