Jessica – Privat Grace

Another review, this time not for a massage

I booked Jessica for 1h, 1700 CZK classic no extras.

The reservation is a little bit more complicated than usual, I don’t know why but at Grace they don’t like sms, or at least sms in english, every time it takes forever to get a reply, and if you call not always you find the operator that speaks in english (at least that’s my experience, but maybe it’s because of the non Czech phone number).

The place is well-known, close to flora, I went up to the second floor and a very nice girl opened the door, I was surprised how nice she was! Long dark hair, nice shapes and a big smile.

For the first time I was in the last room, I think it’s the worst one, just the bed, the clothes hanger and a drying rack where they dry the sheets, not really the best environment I would say 😀

We agreed about 1h with no extra (I never take extra the first time, to not influence the first experience), she gave me almost destroyed towel (Grace, why don’t you spend a little bit of the money I gave you and buy new towels???) and sent me to the bathroom to have a quick shower, I knocked the door when finished and she picked me up.

We went to the weird room and the game started, she had only some lingerie, and I had the towel, we started to explore each other and well, my towel fell off discovering my little friend.

I started to undress her while she was already focusing on my friend, I started to touch her treasure and she was already wet, good sign I thought!

We moved to the bed, she told me to be comfortable and she put the rubber, she started to blow me while looking at me with a pony tail that was begging me to be taken.

No actions on the balls, or something like that, so I moved to her, started to kiss her neck, her very nice boobs, until I went down and let me lick her a little bit.

We started the usual, missionary, cowgirl, on a side, and doggy where I could appreciate also her juicy booty.

I exploded after few minutes and we started to talk, she was working in sex in prague (she had the same name there) before it was closed, she was very nice, talkative and friendly.

We started a second round, but since the time was not so much, I decided to go full speed in doggy and I was able to explode a second time, this time on her boobs (yeah, she let me).

It was a very nice experience, unfortunately it’s not so easy to repeat since she is not working with a fixed time schedule, or maybe I was just unlucky, anyway totally recommended!,jessica-privat-grace-604-460-403-604460403


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