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Sacura – Rabbit Hall

I recently discovered this website. Pity that not so many reviews in English, so was hoping to help some more foreigners in Prague who are still learning Czech and cannot fully comprehend all posts here by adding few reviews from my experience.

Massage few months ago, back in 2022, when I was beginning with erotic massages – Sacura. B2B 60minutes for CZK 1.900. Order via Whatsapp without problem. Very quick response from the salon, need to confirm the massage one day in advance. The salon on Vinohradska is quite chick and has a good vibe.

The entrance has Rabbit Hall sign, but the door opens quickly after you ring the bell, so no one really noticed me where I am going. Sacura greeted me with handshake and kiss on cheek and then we went to the room together. After agreeing on the B2B, she went for the oil and drink. She returned and took off her clothes. She is hot, nice Asian face, great smile and pair of natural big tits. Nice big tattoo on her thigh, nice butt.

We then took shower together, which was very nice and made me relaxed. I was quite nervous about it, but with Sacura, I felt great just few minutes in. After the shower, I lied down on belly and she began sliding her body on my back. From time to time, she stroke my cock and balls, so it started to getting hard like a rock.
After 15 minutes, which was quicker than I expected, she asked me to turn around. Then she continued sliding her body on mine from the front, occasionally stroking me with her great tits. After overcoming the initial shyness, I started to play with her tits to which she smiled. By the way, she does not have problem with eye contact, which was great, because when I was not watching her tits, I was enjoying her dark eyes which are just as beautiful as the rest of her. After 20 minutes of the body to body contact, I could not hold it no longer and I came between her tits. The load was huge, so she had quite a lot of work cleaning us.

After she cleaned us and washed her hands, she then lied next to me and we cuddled for the rest of the time. I felt like in a presence of an angel. She was very gentle and made me feel special. We did not talk much, but it was not needed. I simply enjoyed her presence. At the end, we went to shower, where she thoroughly washed me. Then I paid 2k, she totally deserved the extra 100, which she was happy about. Then she hugged me and kissed on both cheeks.

Big smiley face and recommendation. I like to experiment, so won’t repeat with her soon, but certainly in the future I will, because she was the greatest introduction to erotic massages I could hope for.,sacura-rabbit-hall-774-910-918-774910918


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