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Molly – Candyshop

Before going back home before New Year’s Eve I decided to visit another masseuse with big tits in Prague. After going through salons on the internet, I came across Candyshop and Molly. With their special price 1,700 for Tantra massage and her big tits in photos, I could not resist and made reservation.

The salon is located near the Staromestske namesti, so the street to the salon was quite crowded with tourists as well. But the door opened quickly after ringing the bell and I went to the lift, where on the side, Molly opened me the door leading down. We went to the reception, where I paid for the massage in advance and was offered rum with pepsi. Good to take off the initial shyness. Molly looks like your average girl next door, apart from her breasts which were making me horny, because she had beautiful black dress on her.

She then took me to one of the room, where we took shower together, which was full of body to body contact. Holding her sexy tits in my hands and with her stroking my cock I came the first time in the shower. After that I laid down on my belly and she started to massage me. The tantra mix had more massage with hands as compared to B2B, but it was pleasant. Especially when she bounced her tits on my head. Before the turn in approx. half of the time, I was hard again ready to rock.

The massage from the front was much better then the first half, I could not take my hands of her tits, to which she was smiling. Especially the titfuck was great, so in the end, I did not have any troubles coming for the second time. The time flew by so quickly, was quite sad in the end in the shower when she washed me again that it ended. After having one more drink at the reception in the end, I was pleasantly surprised that I spent almost 75 minutes in the salon, also had a chance to peek at some other girls in the salon that were sitting there.

Great customer care that’s what I call it. Huge smile to Molly and to the Salon.,molly-candy-shop-massage-773-667-250-773667250


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