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Tereza – Le Velour

Big tits rule the world, with this thought I began my search for another set of big tits that are available in Prague and I came across Le Velour salon, where Tereza was free in the evening.
After reservation, they will send you sms with the address, which is on JZP. I went there by Uber, bcs the Prague public transport is messed up and the subway station has been closed recently. You ring the bell and will be let in. Going down to the salon feels like going to some dungeon.

In the door I am greeted by Tereza, who has much cuter face than I expected. In the room we sit down in chairs where I opt for B2B that costs czk 1.900 (paid in the end), then, she briefly explains the rules of the massage. Not sure if I look like some creep, but she very explicitly said in the beginning that no touching between the legs will be tolerated. While I like to gently touch the pussy at least briefly, I said that I am totally okay with this. After that she sent me to the shower alone. It’s very little and one of the oldest looking one I saw in the salons, they could definitely improve it. Also I was not given any slippers, so going shoeless in the corridor did not feel very hygienic, if you consider that you go through the corridor in the shoes.

After returning to the room, I found out to my dismay that Tereza has pierced nipples, which I do not like. Also even though I expected that she would be “bigger” from the metrics on the site, she could use some exercise. Her figure is on the edge which I find to be attractive. But different people, different taste.

Despite these negatives, she has very good approach to the massage. She is strong and with various parts of her body will give you really good massage if your back hurts. Also she has some good technique to strike your cock, both on the belly and on the back. I enjoyed the B2B throughout the whole massage. She knows what she is doing and has cute smile. In the end, I had a bit of trouble to come, because she is just not my type. But she kept trying, so in the end, we were both happy. The total time was 63 minutes, including the initial explanation of the massage etc.

I personally will not repeat for sure, but props where props are due, Tereza is a kind girl with cute smile and clearly enjoys her work. If she is your type, you will not be disappointed.

Personally would give neutral face, but objectively, she deserves smiley face for the effort and her smile.

Tip for the salon – buy new shower corner, the shower head is new, but renovating the rest of bathroom really would improve the overall experience.,tereza-studio-le-velour-777-317-249-777317249


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