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Second week of November and I’m feeling horny, ready for a massage. I sent a Whatsapp message and after reading a few reviews I booked Kira for 1 hour erotic massage for 1800 CZK.

I go to the massage parlor, ring the bell and go downstairs where Kira is waiting for me. She is a short blonde, very sexy and athletic. We go to the room, check the massage and if I want a shower together and she goes to get me a drink. In the shower she lets me wash, I grab her ass and breasts and both are perfection. Then we go to bed.

He starts with a slow motion and massages my arms, body and legs. She slowly began to speed up the massage with her hands and finally with her whole body.

her touches are full of eroticism and I feel so relaxed. He moves his body so well and massages every part of my body.

After a while she tells me to turn around and rubs oil on my stomach and penis. I waited for an opportunity to grab her ass and breasts, but suddenly she made a move I didn’t expect. I have a nice view, but I wanted to be able to grab her breasts and not just her ass and legs.

A few times I feel like I should finish it, but the time hasn’t come yet. I enjoy the view and the massage. The time is approaching and she tells me you have 5 minutes. I answer: don’t worry. After two minutes I finish so hard and my cock is so huge. We go to the shower where I express my gratitude for her massage skills and ask her if she is from Kiev. She replied in a sad way, you always ask me if I am from Kiev. I pay, kiss her cheek and we will resume our meeting in the future. I will definitely visit her again. I’ve only been disappointed with RH once.


Phone:   +420 774 910 918

Kira erotic masseuse in Prague

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