Eva – Privat Elit

I have been here 3 times…Once with Martina (24?) and twice with Eva (45?). They are both very accommodating and willing to please. The place in on the ground floor of a rather run down building near Palackeho Nam. Inside is nothing special and kind of chaotic. There is music playing constantly. The rooms are also nothing special either. I first went to Eva and she looks (body a least), like her photos…I could see when she was younger she had a great body…petite with what would have been nice breasts and really nice butt. She is showing her age now for sure but so are all of us eventually. I would say she is over 5o for sure. She is easy o talk to and very warm and attentive…she give on of the best Blow Jobs I have had and on the 2nd time I visited took every last drop. She also seems to like mutual oral and touching and had no objections to fingering. I went back to try Martina and she is very sweet and i think not so experienced….but she is also very attentive and gives nice touches and great oral. Her body is no like in the photos of her. Her breasts are big but they are very saggy and worn out for someone who is 24? But she really is sweet. At the end she got a phone call and in the call she said „Mommy why are calling me now?“…then she said after that her mother was controlling everything is ok…and said she is next door…leading me to the shock that she works there with her mother (Eva). They both advertise threesomes with their colleague so I guess it would be a mother-daughter threesome. Eva always answers the phone even if you call Martina’s number….which I also find odd. Anyway hey are both worth the 1500hr for Oral without condom.




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