Martina aka Nana Garnet, from LegalPorno, CzechCasting 4493, etc.

My meeting with her was from the time she worked at Top Privat some months ago, where she charged the standard prices there, offering OB, swallowing, anal, licking, kissing, DP with more men, and just about anything.
I then jokingly asked for how much she charges for DP, she said 10k: D So I kept that in mind for later, maybe …

What I remember very well from the meeting is the bush she had below, which was not appealing to me at all. But mostly the OB she did, which was amazing, given my xl size … she forcefully swallowed my dick herself, not everyone can throat-fuck like her, to be honest, so I came in her mouth without even paying extra for it 🙂

She also enjoyed to get fucked from behind, was very vocal – not sure if faked, but her whole attitude was strange, she acted a bit spaced out as if she were under some influence of drugs or alcohol, or both 🙂

Overall an interesting experience, if you’re looking to put a porn star with average, skinny looks on your bucket list. I would repeat it only for the face-fuck experience, maybe.

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