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Nikol – Secret place

My first time in this saloon. I think it much worse than the most popular saloon, and this is the only reason why i don’t give good score. Plus, the operator does not really do their job very good, she/he was not responsive fast.

The environment is not really clean, and there is no respect for privacy actually. I met a guy who left the shower while i was paying. They don’t have shower in the room. And the room does not seem to be tidy…I dont know i didnt feel it very hygienic and I didn’t enjoy the after massage because i was thinking about it.

Nikol is a nice girl, the photos are better than her in real life and i would say she is around 28 years old at least.

She has short hair now, and not the most sport body i have seen. She is more like a girl that I could easily meet in a bar and she would like me. Not one of those top models usually i see in the massage saloons. She is ukranian and her english is OK

But she was cute with me, she enjoyed the time and she even let me finish on her tits 🙂

Shower separate but quite intense massage and time spent together.

Massage: b2b

Price: 1700kc with sales in the morning

Link: admin edit:,nikol-secret-place-606-566-696-606566696

Rating: ok  😑  (this is because the saloon hygienic conditions, opetator and respect for privacy). I liked the girl.


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