Erotické masáže Praha

Jasmina – Luxury Grand

Visited 1 month ago during her morning shift.

I think this was one of the best massages ever.

Operator very good, great room and very young beautiful czech girl.

Jasmine is very professional but passionate girl. She made an incredible erotic atmosphere since the beginning (the shower together).

She is very talkative but she knows when to stop talking.

My friend was hard for the entire hour together, and she appreciated that, she enjoyed playing with him.

She also gave me some compliments for the way i look and for my attitude and respect, at the end and a bit during the massage too. So extra point for this, regardless if she does it with everyone or not.

I recommend 1 shot during 1 hour massage because she makes you really horny during the meeting.

Massage: Classic b2b massage

Price: 1900kc +100kc of tips

Time: 1h


Score: perfection 🙂


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