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Sonya – Rabbit Hall

It was my first day in Prague for this month trip and after dinner with colleagues I decided to have a small treat, so I texted my favorite rabbit to see if somebody was available, so the operator proposed the new Sonya in Vršovická.

It was the first time I had a massage so late, but I was horny so I took an uber and went to the new salon.

I won’t describe it because I did already in the past and I’m sure you know it already, there is even the video on the website if you want more details, the main pro of this place is that is not a dungeon and the rooms feel like hotel rooms.

About Sonya, I think the measurements on the website are pretty accurate, she has the typical pretty Ukrainian face, silicon boobs and nice ass. She brought me in one of the rooms, agreed on the massage and asked me to have shower together. Already in the shower she was quite friendly, smiling all the time and playing with my friend that was already ready. I also had the chance to play with her boobs, very nice on her body, and this time natural to the touch, kudos for the surgeon!

We moved to the bed and she started the b2b massage (1h b2b 2100 CZK, this time no discounts), as usual me on the belly and she started from the feet, she is quite small, so she was moving a lot and sliding on me since the very beginning, while she was going up from the feet to the shoulders, she started to kiss my body randomly, while touching my balls and ass to keep the interest up. When she finally arrived to the neck, she first kissed my neck in a way I got the shivers, and then moved to my ears, slightly biting and licking. While she was sliding on my back, I tried to play with her clit but of course the position is not super comfortable so I waited to turn around.

She alternated several position, using her boobs and ass to massage all my back part, more or less at the half of the hour she asked me to turn around, and she laughed at me because I was super hard.

She started to slide on top of me, while holding my dick behind her pussy, so it looked like she was riding me, I don’t know what she was doing with her hands but there was a moment I thought I was inside her 😀

I had fun with her boobs, she enjoyed my sucking and me together with her, while she was on top of me, I played with her pussy, she didn’t want the fingers inside (fair enough) but she was not against the clit rubbing, it was quite nice, she started to shake so I stopped and decided to be selfish for the last 10 min of the massage.

She moved next to my feet and started to jerk me off with both hands, I have to say she delivered the best hand massage I’ve had in a while, at some point I thought she had a third hand! I exploded on her boobs and it was pretty intense. We jumped in the shower because the time was over and she was quite cuddling while cleaning me.


  • pretty girl, with nice boobs and ass
  • amazing GFE and approach in general
  • amazing hand job techniques
  • definitely a repeat

I judge this massage as super positive,sonya-rabbit-hall-774-910-918-774910918


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