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Karolina – Studio Le Velour

Last month I won a free massage in Le Velour, so I decided to try Karolina.

Booking it’s pretty simple, I used the chat from the website and the operator was super friendly, I shared the magic code for the free massage and I asked if it was possible to change the 1h lingam massage (2200 CZK value) to 1h b2b (2100 CZK value), they agreed and I got an SMS with the details for the appointment.

I arrived in time at the building door but I had to wait a minute because it was quite busy at that moment, there are several shops very close and they were delivering stuff, when it cleared out, I rang the bell and I was allowed to go downstairs.

Karolina was super fast, this time I didn’t wait a second to go inside, she is friendly and nice, there was no wow effect, I would describe her as the typical next-door girl, she also has glasses so she has a nasty secretary vibe.

In general, I think the description on the website is pretty accurate, she is slim, silicon boobs (very nice shape, but pretty „full“, so they don’t feel natural at the touch, more details later), nice juicy ass with a small tattoo. I don’t know why in the previous reviews there were comments about her shape, I mean she doesn’t have a six pack but she definitely have a hot body. She is Czech and speaks English pretty well, so no issue with the communication.

She brought me to the room in front of the bathroom with the shower, we agreed on the massage and she sent me to shower (alone and as mentioned not in the same room), I came back after 5 min and I found her with a sexy dress full of holes, she cuddle for a bit while undressing me and testing the field and when she felt my little friend ready for the action she invited me to the futon.

Despite the massage was a b2b, one thing I didn’t like so much was the fact she was not naked since the very beginning, basically she started to remove pieces of clothes during the massage, maybe somebody likes it, for me was a bit weird.

As usual, she started from the feet, she started to oil me up and move up, nothing amazing to share, finally when she arrived to my butt, she removed the top part and started to use mainly her boobs to massage me while keeping her panties and hills. She tried to deliver some basic GFE, whispering on my ears and interwining the fingers, one thing I noticed is that she is looking at the mirror A LOT.

More or less at the half of the massage, she asked me to turn around, and she finally started to play with my little friend (yes, she didn’t really do anything while I was on the belly), she sat on me and put my hands on her boobs, she is quite proud of them, as I wrote before, very nice shape, very good for her shape but not natural at the touch. One sad note on this, I don’t know if she is particularly sensitive but once I sucked her nipples she complained about it and told me she didn’t like it, it was a pity because she was basically putting me her boobs in the face and I couldn’t really enjoy it.

She started to slide on my and she she still had the panties on, so I politely asked her if she could get rid of them and she agreed, but she didn’t want her pussy to be touched, another sad note because she has a very nice one.

She started to work on my friend, and I have to say she has a very good tecnique, she was changing style every once in a while and it was really nice (in retrospect maybe the lingam massage wouldn’t have been better), out of nowhere she lied at reverse and started a foot job that I really enjoyed, the time was running out so I asked her to finish in 69 position, she agreed and I exploded few minutes later.


  • 1h b2b for 2100 CZK, free for me because of the lottery.
  • nice next-door girl, with great body
  • the massage was not the best b2b of my life, she is clearly new to this job (she told me it was her first time in this business and she’s been working for like 2 months) but she has potential
  • I think she should improve the GFE, but considering the salon is mainly for BDSM I guess is not the main skill
  • I didn’t like the too sensitive nipples and the forbidden touching of the pussy, I respect the girls but it’s still an erotic massage, looking and not touching is kinda of a bummer

Anyway, I judge this massage as a positive emoji .,karolina-studio-le-velour-777-317-249-777317249


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14 prosince, 2023 23:23

Dear guest!

thank you very much for your lovely text 🙂
I have nothing to add (except Karolina’s waiting to throw away her clothes, she likes to tease but I’ll talk to her about this detail :)), it was a real pleasure to read.

One thing I feel I should mention though is your note about us being mostly for BDSM – this is a common opinion, but all our girls love romantic massages and sometimes we feel like we’re not getting enough of them 😀 BDSM s great, but we love the gentle touch too. Even me :))

Don’t be afraid to come for Body to body, we’re confident, but not necessarily dominant 😉 Actually, even every Body to body is different because we are used to improvise and are not hesitant to make it suit your needs!

Thank you and come (and cum) again 😛
Jenny, Studio Le Velour

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