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Zuzana – Studio Le Velour

Thanks to the free massage won from last month’s competition I had the possibility to try another salon.

Originally I won 1h lingam, but I was able to exchange it for 1h b2b, since it was the first time in the salon and with the girl, I wanted to test a more comprehensive massage.

This time I picked Le Velour, I booked via the website, the operator is really good and friendly and there was no issue with the English. After I shared the free massage code, she asked me for the phone number to get the instructions via sms, the salon is in a random building with no signs at all in jzp square in the usual basement.

Zuzana opened the door and she is exactly as the picture, I’d say early 30s but everything is very good in place, her English is very good, so there was no issue in the communication at all.

We agreed on the massage, she gave me the towel and send me to shower alone (the shower is not crazy big but it could have worked), once I came back I found her with some sexy lingerie that she invited me to unwrap like a Christmas present.

While I was doing it she shared her rules, no touching in the face and between the legs, a bit of a bummer for the second rule (more details later), but I respect it, so no big deal.

I have to say, based on the main advertized massage I really didn’t know what to expect, especially considering the the amount of toys available in the room where we had our hour together, by the way one small „complaint“ about the mirrors, there was a big one on one side of the futon but nothing on the other side, and one useless one kinda of in front of the futon.

Anyway, as usual I lied on my belly and Zuzana started to oil me up, she alternated soft touches here and there with more intense ones, she uses a lot her boobs to massage and it was quite good. One difference I noticed, compared to the other b2b massages I’m used to, is that she didn’t really slide on me but at some point she simply lied on me taking care of half of my body per time.

Right before turning around, she sat at reverse on my back and started to play a bit with my ass and my balls from behind, a little bit weird but pleseant.

Once she asked me turn, she sat on my little friend, oiled me up and lied on top of me, while I was playing with her boobs. To be frank, the limitation about not touching between the legs was starting to be difficult since I’m used to play a little when I see the girl riding me.

Once my little friend woke up, she turned around in 69 position putting her nice ass and pussy on my face, I even told her she was mean based on the rules but I guess she didn’t on purpose 😀

Anyway, she started to play with dick and I have to say she has a very good tecnique, she alternated a bit of positions until we had the last 5 min left, so she lied next to me, and started to jerk me off with more intensity (she changed a little bit the expression on her face, like from smiling to super focused to finish) until I exploded.

She cleaned me up, cuddle for like a minute and then went to shower (first her, then me).


  • very good operator, friendly and efficient, very easy to book
  • the salon is completely not marked in any way, good for the privacy but not super easy to find since there are several doors
  • Zuzana is pretty, firm body, good approach and good tecniques (the massage itself was above average)
  • a lot of tattoes that could bother some people
  • 0 GFE
  • repeat? probably no, she was good, the massage was good, but I don’t feel I want to come back
  • positive rating,zuzana-studio-le-velour-777-317-249-777317249


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