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Jasmina – Luxury Grand

One of the new entries in my last trip to Prague is Jasmina from Luxury Grand, I booked 1h massage (they don’t call it b2b, but was b2b) for 1900 CZK, I paid 2000 with the tip.

It was the first time I tried this salon in Vrsovice, the building was easy to find, it’s in a small street and in front there is a small cafeteria where few clients were sitting and looking around, so for the privacy addicted, I’d try to arrive there just in time to avoit too long wait.

The salon is the first door immediately when you entered the building.

The legendary Jasmina opened the door and I understood why she is famous, she is very nice, if you like the small girls you are going to love her.

She speaks good english so the communication was not a problem, she brought me to a big room with the shower inside and asked me to start while she was going to take the oil, she came back after a couple of minutes and jumped into the shower with me.

The shower was really nice, she tries to explore as much as possible while cleaning you, and the famous claws caressing the right places are something extra, the only „downside“ to report was the length of the shower, to be honest it was longer than usual and I don’t think I needed it, but the experience was good so not a big complaint 🙂

We finally moved to the futon, and she started to massage me, her b2b is different than usual, she recovered the extra time in the shower by not wasting time on the feet and legs as some masseuses do, and started to slide on me almost at the beginning.

I had the chance to caress her amazing ass while I was on my belly, and touches to her pussy were not forbidden to there was some playing with her clit during the action.

Around in the middle of the massage, she told me to turn around, but instead of sliding on top of me, she asked me to sit, while she was massaging me sitting behind me (as I said, a difference b2b experience), after few minutes we moved to the regular she is on top of me, so I had the chance to play with her clit a little bit more (I think I could have fingered her, but since it was the first time with her I wouldn’t do too much) and we played with each other a little bit more.

She started to work on my little friend, so since the time was about to end I asked her to change position so that she was sitting on my stomach while I had the view or that perfect ass.

I was able to explode just in time, so after like 1 minute of cuddling we went to shower again to clean the oil.


  • quite nice girl, pocket size, great ass, small boobs
  • friendly approach, I’m sure that if you are a regular she will treat you even better
  • the only „sad“ tone was the price, I paid with a 2000 bill and she kept the change without asking, I would have tipped her anyway but I’m not a fan of the approach „I will tip myself before you tip me“, again not a big deal because I would have done it anyway and I don’t want to start the 3rd world war for 100 CZK 😀
  • Repeat? YES

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