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Kristynka- Lovely Girls

Classique -60mm – 2200cz

Kristynka, has no comments so I m going to adventure.
LG premises are simply beautiful and very clean.
small discreet house with parking in front.
about the girl, small in stature, smiling all the time.
she is Czech and does not speak English fluently. but enough to understand.
Quiet because i m not spoke Czk on my side but she works well and she is very nice.
I had a good time with her.

Hope i Can see her again :-))




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Famed Member
24 srpna, 2023 18:42

Review about nothing … could you try spend more time and write something more detailed and usefull for others ?

25 srpna, 2023 12:32
Reply to  French

Well yes, you are free to do what you want, but you have to expect feedback from others.

The review is useless without any details about your visit, we can find the price on their website and we already know that the place looks good and the girls match the photos from other reviews. Basically only useful information is that the girl doesn’t speak english well. Still better than nothing, but not very helpful.

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