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Kate – Rabbit Hall

Finally I had the chance to try Kate, another rabbit 😀

I booked during my lunch break 1h b2b with the offer on the website, so 1900 CZK, I went to the Prague 2 salon and a girl’s next door opened me the door. I think the picture that resembles her more is the one I attached.

I’m not going to describe the salon because everybody knows the RH Prague 2 salon, the girl is really nice, she was completely without make up and managed to be quite nice, from the accent in English I’d say not Czech but I’m not sure where is from. She is very similar to the picture, except the fact they retouched her the ass a little bit, I mean still great ass but it’s bigger than it seems from the picture.

We went to the first room (the one with 3 mirrors), and she proposed the shared shower, I accepted and she went to pick up the oils, while I was undressing she arrived and helped me to finish, then she got rid of the rabbit uniform, took my hand and led me to the shower. The shower was not super sexy, but definitely very „cleaning“, and she definitely talks a lot, I don’t mind, I think it helps to create the connection and it’s definitely better than rock silent and mechanical movements, so it was a plus for me.

We moved to the futon, and she started the typical RH massage (I guess they really teach basic movements to all the girls), so she started from the feet and then all the way up, caressing my balls once in a while to keep me focused and biting my ears quite often.

After verifying that the time was exactly at the half, she asked me to turn around and jumped on me, so I could grab that ass while she was fake riding me, then she took my hand and left it on her boobs, that by the way I think are more a 1,5 than a natural 2, but still with a very nice shape, she got closer like to suggest I would suck them and she has very sensitive nipples or she really liked it because she started to say „wow oh wow“, that many times I started to laugh 😀

Between one wow and the other, the time was almost over, so I asked her to finish in 69 position but she said she does it only for pussycat, so she tried to finished me but unsuccessfully, I think that no kinda killed the mood.

She proposed to finish in the shower, but again unsuccessfully, so I gave up, paid and left still full.


  • the lady is nice, no crazy make up, just natural nice girl
  • she talks a lot, but helps with the connection
  • she is good with the massage, but the ending was a little bit boring, plus the no to 69 killed the mood

repeat? no.

Medium emoji.,kate-rabbit-hall-774-910-918-774910918


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12 srpna, 2023 11:08

Hello dear. I remember our meeting with you, but I didn’t like that you write untruthful things about me.
1. During our meeting, you kept trying to find out from me where I came to the Czech Republic, asking my real name and I think that this is the reason that I talked a lot. I think no one would like if a girl ignored your questions.
2. Most of all, I didn’t like that you are lying about my massage. Ask any of my clients that I NEVER start a massage from the feet. It doesn’t matter what type of massage it is.
3. As for position 69, I always do it, no matter what kind of massage you ordered for yourself, dear. if I forget about it, the client can always ask me for position 69 and I will do it, because we are all people and it is normal for us to forget something
4. Everything else that you wrote, I would like to comment on, but these are very personal things. I respect the personal space of each person, even if he writes nasty things about me

12 srpna, 2023 16:22
Reply to  maserka_Kate

Nějak nevím, k čemu někomu bude znát pravé jméno masérky.. vesměs je to celý lepší, když je to taková hra.. 🙂 a konverzace je lepší nenucená, kdo co bude chtít říct, tak řekne.. je to potom lepší..

Za mě si nemůžu na nic stěžovat.. jednou jsem se chtěl vrátit, ale něco mi do toho vlezlo bohužel a od tý doby nějak nebyl čas.. 🙂

Když vidím, že to tady čteš, tak mě to třeba donutí najít si čas.. 🙂 A doufám, že jsem ti nepokazil auru mojí recenzí..

Možná mám z práce rád zpětnou vazbu, tak asi začnu chodit tam, kde se holky ozvou.. xP

12 srpna, 2023 16:35
Reply to  maserka_Kate

Bravo Kate! I would encourage more masseuses to comment on their reviews (both positive or negative), if they remember who wrote them. I mean why not? For me as a reader it is important to know if it is legit. By the way, you are on my list 😊 but you are always too busy and I can not get to you 😮‍💨

On the other hand, „the one who likes to fuck during his travels“ 😁 has submitted many reviews, I guess he goes for a massage quite often, maybe he confused some details with other rabbit. Who to believe now 🤔

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