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Emma – Masaze Princess

Tragic experience this time.

Last week I had a reservation for a girl in a privat, but when I arrived she was not there, so I had to find a replacement nearby, there was not so much to choose, so I decided to do a 1h b2b massage instead.

Unfortunately, RH was fully booked, so I called Princess and they had Emma available, she was in my list because of the attached picture, so I decided to give it a try.

I went to the salon in Manesova, and she came to the door, honestly I was already disappointed, she is not really matching the picture, not that is a fake like they do with some other girls, simply the picture is old, the hair color is different (on the website it says black, the picture seems almost ginger and in reality she is almost blonde), her face is below average, and she is definitely fatter than in the picture.

I was tempted to say no and go away, but I was horny so I decided to stay and hope for the best.

We went in a room (the one with 2 mirrors on the side), and she didn’t offer the shared shower (another red flag), so I went to shower alone and she arrived while I was drying myself.

We went to the futon, she put ton of oil on me, sat on a side, and started to use her boobs all over my body, basically there was no massage at all, just her boobs touching my body from the feet to the neck.

After around 7/10 min of this nonsense, she jumped on me and laid on my back, thanks to this change of position, I finally had access to her body, and I started to rub her pussy, thing i think she liked because she became way more savage then she was before.

She asked me to turn around, she added more oil and she fake ride me, to be honest I agree on a previous review, if I moved a little bit, I could have been inside her, and I don’t think she would mind, the time was about to end, so she went in 69 position and started to play with my friend (yes, it was the first time during the experience), I exploded and she complained a little bit because it squirted on her neck.

She cleaned herself, ignored me, and went a way leaving me again alone for the shower.

She even came to wait for the money, so when I was in the hall putting my shoes, I had to knock on the door where they have the kitchen.

The price of 1h b2b is 1800 CZK, I had a 2000 CZK bill and she didn’t give me the 200 back, she is russian and she speak a little English, but last time I check I should tell her keep the money, and she didn’t deserve the tip at all!

This is something that happened to me only in pricess, sometimes they claim they don’t have the cash, sometimes they pretend they don’t understand, so small piece of advice, if you go to princess, go with the exact money you should pay, because most of the time they don’t deserve any tip.


  • the lady is not matching the picture anymore, different hair color, at least 5/7 kg more, and not that pretty
  • 0 GFE
  • not really a massage, but something that is not easy to describe
  • no shared showers at all
  • she stole 200 CZK
  • repeat? hell no!

Bad emoji,emma-masaze-princess-773-480-202-773480202


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