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Kris – Rabbit Hall

This time I want to share the experience with Kris, nice girl from the next-door.

I met her for 1h B2B, in offer on the website for 1900 CZK in the Prague 5 salon, this time I wasn’t lucky with the room so I got the one without the shower but next to the shower.

About the girl, as said before, girl next-door vibe, definitely young, I would say 21 instead of the declared 19, but still definitely young.

She was super shy, I don’t know if it was because of not speaking Czech (she is not, by the way), we went to the shower, and she cleaned me like if you clean a puppy, honestly no erotic vibe at all, anyway, that’s where I noticed the East West Breasts, quite firm but well, not the best shape 😀

We went back to the room and started the slowest massage I’ve had in RH, I won’t describe the first 30 min because it was just boring, finally she asked me to turn around and it became more interesting, she started to fake ride me and my little friend came back to life.

I started to suck her nipples, and she became way more active and less shy than before, started to play rough with my friend, I asked her to finish in 69 position to enjoy the view of her round ass (big plus for me), I exploded and she came to cuddle.

Considering that room has only one mirror (if the RH manager is reading, please consider to have by default at least 2 mirrors in each room on both sides, with one mirror you miss half of the view), we went in spoon mode for few minutes until she asked me to go again in the shower where this time she was way more active than the beginning.


  • the girl is nice, next-door student vibe
  • nice round ass, but weird boobs‘ shape (at least for me)
  • a little bit to shy for my taste, and I think it impacted a lot the quality of the massage
  • repeat? I don’t think so, I think she should be a little bit more active, the massage was quite boring,kris-rabbit-hall-774-910-918-774910918


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