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Mary – Rabbit Hall

Visit from last week.

As usual, I booked via iMessage, the operator is nice and speaks English, so I booked 1h b2b for 1900 CZK in vinhorady.

One small thing for the salon, they should be a little bit more careful with the people going out and the new one in, it’s not the first time that while I go downstairs I meet a colleague going up, not a big deal but still, they should be more careful for this.

Mary opened the door, to be honest there was no wow effect, just a young tall girl with big eyes and boobs, she is ukrainian and didn’t speak so much english, it was ok between my little czech and her little english, but I think it was part of the reason why we didn’t click.

She asked me if I wanted to have shower together, I said yes, and she went for the oils, I waited for at least 5/7 min, until she arrived, and we went together in the shower. She has very very nice natural boobs, so I was planning to play with them in the shower, but it didn’t really work, she washed me in a very slowly way not giving me the opportunity to do the same, since the time was passing I asked her to move to the massage.

About the massage, I confirm what Sedivak reported, it started very slowly (shocker), zero erotic atmosphere, not so much b2b and for at least 10 min she was simply next to me, I think she realized I was a little bored, so she hopped on me and started to slide a little bit, nothing crazy I have to say.

We finally turned around and I could play with her gifts, and again, they are really really good ones .

She didn’t complain about any actions from me, so I touched, I squeezed and sucked to compensate the long waiting and let my blood going to the right spot.

Since we had the last 10 min, she decided to finish from one side, I exploded in her hands, she cleaned both of us, and we went again in the shower.


  • great boobs
  • super slow
  • language barrier
  • average face
  • she should shave more often, it was a little bit annoying while she was sliding, nothing crazy but still not the best
  • over all experience? medium emoji
  • repeat? no

To be clear, the girl has potential, but from the massage I think this is the first time she works as masseuse, so she should practice a little bit more, at the end in the same salon there are great masseuses so maybe the should share techniques to the new ones, just to make it less boring but I guess it was partially caused by the language barrier.,mary-rabbit-hall-774-910-918-774910918


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