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Hello gentleman!

I have decided to visit Nicol for 30 minutes massage (1500 czk). Contacted through WhatsApp. She wrote that her clients should be not older than 50, not overweight and not have fat belly (first time I faced such conditions from masseuse – WTF 1). I said I passed this exam so no worries . Then she wrote street name but not building number, because of some confidentiality. So when I will be on this street at that time I will text her and she will send correct address ( – WTF 2). Then I receive correct address (old building on the city center, near Jewish old cemetery). Unfortunately, I didn’t find elevator in this building so I went up to 4-th floor by foot. She wrote, you should enter to apartment very quite, so that neigbours can not hear you ( – WTF 3). Finally I saw her. f course she is not 30, she look 40+ . She has heavy lower jaw, which I don’t like in woman. Can’t say anything about her body, she was in clothes and I didn’t see her naked in the end. The only good thing is her silicon tits. I payed her money went to shower. When came back I ask her to avoid massage for behind only front part of body, because of 30 minutes. She disagree, then I asked again, she disagree, then I  agree, but she returned the money so massage is canceled. I wasn’t disappointed, cause her 40+ look is not that which massage I should miss. Fortunately there plenty massage salons in Prague with hot young girls. But this is not the end of story. After comes 2-nd part , which you can see in screenshots below.

Bottom line. I do not recommend you to visit Nicol unless you like 40+ masseuse with huge filtration to pass. I should give her negative mark, but because of her „honest“ explanation I will give her neutral mark.

Thank you.,nicol-eroticke-masaze-nicol-725-998-525-725998525

nicol_019-2.jpg NIcole1-0.jpg Nicole2-1.jpg

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