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Jennifer – Matahari

After very good previous experience with Dominika in Matahari I decided to visit Matahari once again, even though their services are pricier. Dominika is classy MILF, but I prefer younger ladies so I went for Jennifer.
B2B for CZK 2,300/hour

This time I only met previous client briefly in the door, so better then sitting with another guy at the reception, but I think they could improve the massage planning so this does not happen.
I am greeted by a blonde angel and taken to the room. Where Jennifer smiles at me when she notices that there is something growing in my pants. While she goes for oil, I take my clothes off quickly and then she comes in towel and we go to shower. When she takes it off and I see her beautiful figure with nice natural breasts, my cock goes hard like a rock and we start showering together. Nothing wild, but very sensual and I get an opportunity to touch those heavenly tits for the first time. Jennifer seems to be enjoying my presence and says that we should get going not to miss up on anything.

On the belly, she slides those beautiful tits on my back and combines various positions during which she slides with various parts of her body on my back and ass. I especially enjoyed when she slides towards my head and briefly grabbed my hard cock between my legs. Had to control myself not to explode right there.

After the turn which comes in approximately one health, the sliding continues, but is obviously much better because I get to touch her figure again. I tried to slightly touch her pussy, but she slided away. But she slided away in such teasing manner that I did not even care. I got back to playing with her breasts and that was enough. She radiates immensely sexual aura and my cock was vibrating with her feminine energy.

She combined sliding on my cock with handjob that was just about right, she is very gentle, but will increase her grip to get you on the edge and then stop just at the right moment. After few times she did this I said to her to please continue and I shoot out in the air like fireworks on the New Year’s Eve.

Then she lies on my chest and continues to tease me with gentle touches. Got a bit depressed when she said that we need to go to the shower. I did not want this to end, because I felt like I am in heaven.
Big smile for this blonde angel. Matahari is pricier, but I already plan on returning to Jennifer soon.,jennifer-matahari-salon-773-164-811-773164811


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21 února, 2023 16:21

Yes, I can gladly confirm your observation of this fabulous lady. Though my own earlier experience with her was not as exorbitant as yours she still remains an etalon of femininity.

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