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Marta – Nirvana

Visit back from the January, Nirvana salon caught my eye, because its interior was looking very damn good, very fitting to the name Nirvana. Unfortunately, that’s probably the only positive thing I can say about it. I called the number on the website, some girl picked up the phone, she sounded a bit pissed that I was speaking English, told me to write on sms/whatsapp and hang up , just like that . Anyway, I inquired via chat about some girls on the page to which I was told that lot of girls on the site do not work anymore. I was sent photos of few girls and was told that I can come that evening. A bit shady to deal girls through messages like that I thought, but one of them looked really hot, so in the evening I called an uber to get me to the salon.

The salon has an entry that is on quite busy street next to the normal entry to the building so people will be staring at you, fortunately I was let in quite soon. Some girl, later I learned that it was Marta, greeted me. I asked if the girl from the photo is available, but she told me that she is not working that day at all (wtf??), but that she is free. I was quite unhappy about this, but Marta is young pretty girl and looked quite eager to massage me. My balls were quite full, so I took B2B for czk 1.800 and we went together to one of the rooms. Gotta say, the interior is as nice as in the photos.

We took shower together, where Marta washed me thoroughly. Then I laid down and she began sliding her body against my back. This part was not bad, but it was much longer than I would have wished for. When she finally told me to turn, I was really happy and unhappy that it took so long at the same time. She began frontal attack very soon and while her handjob was very satisfying and lead to successful happy ending, I was hoping for gradual and more erotic ending. I don’t know the precise time, but I would guess that the part on the back took almost 40 minutes. On the back, I could touch Marta on the whole body. She, however, did not seem to enjoy my touches very much, just for disclosure, I was not touching her pussy, only her tits and booty and quite gently, so she did not have to look so cold.

We shared shower in the end. The whole visit with the the initial confusion  took  60 minutes, so the massage itself was slightly shorter then it should have been. Marta’s massage was not very erotic, but I enjoyed the handjob. However, the communication with the salon was total mess. Can’t say if I was sent a photo of hot girl that was not working that day by mistake, or if it was an attempt to mislead me to visit. Either way, that’s unacceptable.

Overall, very bad experience,marta-nirvana-masaz-775-445-442-775445442


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5 února, 2023 22:42

This was hard to read, man, Nirvana went downhill. They still don´t have any mirrors?

6 února, 2023 01:16
Reply to  Sktr

V jednom 100% nemají, a ve zbylých dvou mám pocit, že také ne. Ale jak moc do zrcadel nekoukám, tak úplně nevím, se to míchá.

7 února, 2023 23:17
Reply to  Lucfer

Yes, web pages were always a weak spot for Nirvana/Relax, imho. Like they have no schedule, and also it seems to me, that they are not up to date, so usually the best way is to communicate directly through WA.
But somehow I had usually good experience there and most of the time the girls are available. For example you can rarely find available girl in Rabbit Hole 0.5-3 hours prior to massage, while in Relax/Nirvana/Infinity(sometime)/Extaz, it is not a problem.
So if you are looking for spontaneous action and you are not lucky with RH, then these salons, or in 3rd wave some new/other ones.

8 února, 2023 12:59
Reply to  Lucfer

Nirvana used to be my plan B about a year ago, but I only went there a few times, because I was missing the mirrors, they had good prices, nice interior, warm quiet rooms with showers and very good masseuses, but crazy and not available schedule on website, bad marketing and management caused that all the good ladies are now in different parlors – you can find Molly, Kate and Myia in Candy Shop, Chloe and Ella in Rabbit Hall.

6 února, 2023 01:14

And originally who was the girl you have picked (the one missing all day)?

7 února, 2023 22:32
Reply to  Lucfer

I think Nikole should be the girl!

8 února, 2023 08:57

RecentlyI had also bad experience with this place, sad to hear I was not alone. I used to come to this place sometimes back in the day. Seems the good girls left and the bad ones stayed.

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