Erotické masáže Praha

Erika – Massage Princess

I am happy to tell you about my visit to Erika, because I can say right away that it was an unforgettable experience.

Scheduling an appointment went smoothly via SMS. When I arrived at the salon, I was greeted directly by Erika. Already the greeting by Erika indicated, that the visit would be great. Erika is a beautiful girl, cheerful and totally outgoing. Arrived in the room, Erika asked what I wanted. I chose a 90 minute nuru massage for 2400kc.

At first we showered together. Even the shower was a highly erotic experience. After the shower, the Nuru massage followed with great background music and a sizzling atmosphere. Erika used real Nuru gel. The massage was not just a massage, it was an absolute feel-good dream. At all times, Erika gave me the feeling of simply floating along in absolute togetherness. Just unforgettable.

Finally, there was another shower together and I left the salon very satisfied.

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