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I visited the famous place on Vinohradska 123 about a week ago, to get to meet Samantha, because of that beautiful ass from the pictures.
First impression, quite good, very small, dark hair, cute smile, some tattoos scattered on her chest and arms, but nothing scary… tits size is 1 the most, but I like them small anyway. Nice appealing face, beautiful ass, firm body, very slim and a very little pussy.
I went for the anal as main reason, so paid 1300 kc/30min + 1000 kc for anal + 500 kc OB.
I do not regret it, she handled it very well, despite my larger dick … went slowly at the beginning, but managed to go a bit rougher later in doggy, as well as missionary, with only anal; she can take it very deep, I was afraid at the beginning that she will have problems, but all good. She takes it like a pro. 😀
Her oral skills are very good too, she does not shy away, goes also pretty deep for a small girl that she is.
All in all, very nice experience, despite the high price, but was worth it, and I might repeat again. In my opinion she’s a very good choice for anal lovers like me, with a bigger dick, when there are so many out there who turn down such exhibitions. 😀,samantha-sexno1-601-101-909-601101909

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