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My first visit to Fantazie took place in the end of December, early evening, with only one scope: to see Sara. She was the only one attracting me from the choice on their web, and she was attracting me a lot. Couldn’t help myself, from the pictures she is really beautiful and she offers also French kissing, for which I always look for.
I booked for one hour via WhatsApp and they told me I can go in 30 minutes. Since it was my first time, I wanted to use the discount offer of 300 CZK from Tapky, but the operator denied, saying that it was not my first time. Wtf…🤬 I didn’t want to let it go, so I argued a couple of minutes in the chat until they gave me the discount.
At the agreed time I was at the address and decided to write to open the door (because on the interphone there is a massage studio mentioned, but with another name, so I was not sure, being the first time). The operator reacted only after 5 minutes and confirmed that I have to ring to that button with another name. It was indeed five long minutes, because the entrance is very close to a crowdy bus station, I guess you know the feeling…And also residents were coming and going from the house. 😵‍💫
After ringing, the door opened in a short time and I got into the hall. Thanks to other reviews I knew I have to go downstairs and there was somebody hiding behind the half-opened door. A girl let me in, then quickly lead me to a room on the right side farther in the corridor. I have to say that I was not able to see her in the face until we were in the room together. But on the way to the room I could quickly observe the place: a very simple, empty basement with poor lighting which gave me the feeling I am going to pick up my bike. 🤣 It was very silent, no signs of other people in there.
Only in the room I was invited to take off my shoes. Finally the girl presented herself: she was Sara. A slender figure dressed in a light summer dress long until her knees, with very long brown hair reaching her waist. I had the impression she already had a long day, since she didn’t have the freshest look. At first sight, no wow-effect happened. She was kind, but not really smiley. I asked if she is ok with french kissing, but unfortunately she said that she is not doing that (despite I clearly saw it in her profile). 🙁 Nevermind, but at this point I decided that for the first visit it will be enough if I take only a half-hour massage, since things were not going according to my wishes. 🤨 I chose the body-to-body, mentioned the discount and she agreed (in December they still had also a discount on the first visit for 100 CZK on the 30 minutes massage). She offered me a drink and I took cola. Then she asked me if I want to have the shower together: I dared to say that I want it together before and after and she said that it’s ok, smiling for the first time. Then she told me to wait and went for the oil and cola, while I had some time to look around. The shower is just next to the massage room together with a sink (separated, but in the same unit, like it’s usual in hotel rooms) spacious and empty: the only object over there was one shower gel. Also in the room itself I remember only basic things strictly necessary for the massage (mattress, mirror on the side, chair, towels, lighting…), so I would say that the place is not really helping to build the right atmosphere.
Sara came back, we undressed and went to the shower. Note: it was already 20 minutes after the agreed start. When I saw her body, my mood changed in better. 😍 Measures on the website are real, breast is possibly even more than 2. Just look at her pics and that’s how she is. She is toned and what I enjoyed the most were her thighs, and breasts. No fake, no botox. Couple of small tattooes. The most interesting for me it was the set of piercings on her face: a whole collection of ethnic crafted iron rings in her ear and one in her nose between nostrils. They add a particular touch if you like it: to me that was quite sexy.
Sara prefers to speak in Czech (her English is not good), but very often she has to complete her sentences with Russian. During the shower we washed each other reciprocally, but there was no extra contact, so we had some time to chat. As she noticed that I understood a bit of her language, then the situation changed suddenly. 😮 The ice got totally broken and she became more happy, friendly, smiley and talkative. With my surprise, she switched to Russian language only.
Nevermind, for sure it made a big improvement in the atmosphere, as she was feeling more comfortable, so I could not complain at all. 😊
The massage started as usual with me lying on my belly. She massaged first my legs one after the other, then she took care of my back. She has got good energic hands, she was not simply caressing and tickling, but I could enjoy a nice massage with delicate strenghth. Small break to spread the oil, then she started to slide slowly all over my back changing several position, using a lot her breasts (it was beautiful to feel their pressure all over me) and also her buttocks.
The weight of her body is just perfect for the massage and I never felt it was too much or too few. I liked the most when she was sliding on me, holding my hands with our fingers crossed. There were not the usual whispers in the ears during the body-to-body, but in the end that also came: only once, but I got beautiful shivers as she whispered „Privjet, let’s turn“. 😊 And from here the erotic atmosphere started only to grow gradually.
At that point I was enchanted to see her breasts again. She poured oil on herself and she invited me to spread the oil on her with a provoking smile. 😍 Nice! What a beautiful feeling to massage her breasts and shoulders! Also she had no problem with eye contact and from here to the end she will keep looking into my eyes with a constant half smile on her face. I got a good erection and did not loose it until the end, despite she still did not touch my dick. During this second part of the massage, she focused only on sliding on my chest offering her body to my touches. I couldn’t wait for nothing else, again her breasts, shoulders, her back and well toned ass. But for the first time during a massage, I was extremely excited by the thighs of the girl. I could not stop from holding her legs in my hands and from massaging the inner part of her thighs. Ideally I always had one hand on one breast and one hand between her legs, exchanging them everytime she changed side. 😍 At one point she just came closer face to face and again with that provoking smile, looking into my eyes, she brought one nipple to my mouth. 😍😍😍 I could lick and delicately suck her nipples and whole breasts for a couple of minutes while observing her as she enjoys it all. And then she gently caught my dick in her right hand. She put her chest on mine, hided her face between my shoulder and my neck and started simulating sex, keeping my dick with her hand. I could not resist long and all went out between our bodies. She kept in that position for a while, without hurry.
When she raised, she threw another provoking smile at me and with slow movements she cleaned herself with paper towles. Then she sat next to me, caressing my chest and me caressing hers. As we started talking again, I had to express also in words my appreciation for her body and her breasts. She is not happy, she would like bigger ones. Sometimes I am really impressed how it is possible that somebody is not happy with what they have, when it’s already beautiful…😵‍💫
In the end we had again the shower together, simply washing ourselves and chatting.
While I was dressing up, she cleaned up the room and she told me to come for one hour the next time, so that we can enjoy more time together. 😊
When I was out, I discovered it was 50 minutes after the appointment started.
So, there was really no shortening of time and the 30 minutes were rather counted purely for the time I was naked with her!
I left happy. The whole experience started as a possible failure and ended with a very good atmosphere. Thumbs up! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 The next time I hope to get also the French kissing. 🥰
– Type of massage: Body-to-body
– Length: 30 minutes (door-to-door it was in total 50 minutes)
– Price: 1400 CZK with Tapky discount (originally 1500 CZK)
– Rating:  (dobrá)
– Link:,sara-fantazie-massage-770-199-109-770199109

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