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Jenny – Studio le Velour

Having moved to beautiful Prague a while ago and finding out about the scene shortly after, I finally found the motivation to write up some of my experiences… and who better to start with then Jenny.

After seeing her great reviews and social media presence, I was easily convinced to book a massage with her, though it took some courage, as her specialty is the bdsm massage.

Booking via the website is very easy and the operator is helpful. However, as she is so popular you may have to plan your visit some time in advance.

The location is a little difficult to find, in the basement and there a multiple doors. I was a bit afraid to knock at the wrong door.

Jenny is a beautiful women. The wow effect was definitely there when I first saw her, even though I had already seen her pictures online. After welcoming me warmly, Jenny discussed the details of the massage with me. She is super empathetic and all my fears evaporated instantly. Jenny knows exactly how to adjust to your level of experience, so even a bdsm beginner like myself feels comfortable.

After the shower, Jenny invited me to feel a beautiful breasts before instructing me to lay down and starting with the massage. Gradually she introduced bdsm elements, like soft bondage and visual deprivation. She managed to bring me close multiple times and stopped just in time with a devious smile on her face. The finish was done just as masterfully.

To this day, the massage was one of the most memorable. Unfortunatly I have not found the time to return, as she is so busy.

My only criticism is that the shower is very small and no slippers were offered.


BDSM Massage

60 Mins

2400 at the time (now 2800).,jenny-studio-le-velour-777-317-249-777317249

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