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Nala – Coccinelle masaze

Thanks to the cost of living allowance from my work while I am in Prague I was able to visit another salon this week. After exploring the profiles on Tapky, Nala caught my eye. She works at Coccinelle, a salon I never visited before. The website was confusing to me as there appears not to be any schedule for the masseuses available. I chatted with the operator by Whatsapp, which went fine and friendly. He mentioned the girls available today and I selected Nala and made an appointment. Fairly easy in the end.

After a few hours it was time for my appointed and I went to the salon. Nala greeted me once I arrived with a kiss on the cheek and pricelist in her hand. She looks like the profile pictures, and stats are about right. She has a nice juicy ass, which I liked and was one of the reasons I selected her. She showed me the price list and options. I wanted to go for the body-to-body massage. When discussing I realized that a shared shower is not included but costs extra (300 CZK). A bit of a pity, as I always like that as a start of the massage. Anyhow, I took a shower alone quickly and we went to the bed.

She stripped naked slowly and teasing me a bit. I went on my stomach and the massage started. She started at my shoulders and worked her way down slowly. Reasonable technique. Then she started the body-to-body. Nice and slow again all the way up and down, up and down. Relaxing and sensual, but not realy a GFE as there was no hand in hand, kisses, whispers or any. Nevertheless, sensual enough to get hard so time to turn around.

While on my back I had a good view on her body and she allowed touches. Nice to grab that fine ass and breasts while she slowly massages and slides over you. She really tried hard and slid nicely. Good body to body contact and focus on my friend. However, again not really a GFE. I asked if she could slid her breasts along my friend to try to make me come like that which was fine. She went at it while I had a good look at her being busy, bursting nicely and a lot. She was surprised but keep sliding for a while after I came. I asked her to cuddle up next to me while working my friend with her hand. No issues, and I came a second time after a while while caressing her nice ass. After clean up again the shower alone. When leaving I received the goodbye kiss and went on my way.

Overall experience was good / average, but not great. I missed the shared shower and GFE. Also the website can be improved as I find it confusing.


Body-to-body, 60 mins, 2000 CZK (and I gave a small tip, did not do extras; feel that shared shower should be included),nala-coccinelle-erotic-massage-775-226-224-775226224



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