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THE TOP recommendation from Emily.Lovely Girls Private excellent. I call the the appointment and it took TWO SECONDS for to open the door for me, it couldn’t be more perfect…

19/176/60/B, eyes light brown, blond curly hair. — no tattoo, no piercing, no make-up, no solarium, no silicone –> pure nature!Before we even left I had her tongue down my throat. You can arrange further service arrangements as a gift, she does everything in the GFE area anyway. So hand over the money and head to the shared shower.Back in the room the next kiss attack, deep, playful and intense, she obviously can’t get enough of it and it lasts the whole session. A few slaps on the firm bottom and off to bed. This is followed by tender FO, what do I say? Deep Throat completely! Cuddle and lick eggs. I return the favor by pampering her sweet pussy extensively, circling, up/down, sucking, slowly and quickly. She responds with twitches, but doesn’t fake an orgasm.
I want to start with rider, medium speed, then slowly pull her down on me so that I have more lift, wrap my arms around her and… of course kiss. Switching to Missio, I stroke her hair, caress her forehead, eyes and cheeks, penetrate her deeply while she hugs me with her legs. Kissing, eye to eye, I ram myself towards the climax.

As a thank you, I treat her to a massage, which she enjoys very much.
Take a quick shower, get dressed… she accompanies me to the door and says goodbye with a big kiss (what else!)

Price: 2200/h + 500ZK + 500FO (+ 300 Tip)
Time: 65+ gross
Communication: speaks English very well
Accessibility: absolutely no fear of contact
Feel-good factor: perfect GFS illusion (for me), she’s also very easy to talk to, open-hearted and intelligent
Rating: 1* (benchmark)
Repeat: what kind of question? If only it was easier to get an appointment!

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