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Simona – Rabbit Hall

New adventure with a new rabbit, this time was Simona.

I booked as usual via sms, I wanted to book another girl last minute but every girl was busy except the new Simona, so the operator suggested her and I gave it a go.

I booked 1h b2b for 1900 CZK (I think it’s not discounted anymore, but I still paid that price) in Prague 2, no reason to describe the place because everybody knows it, not sure why the removed the signed in the street but I hope they won’t move out because it’s the only salon with no problems for the showers.

Anyway, Simona opens the door and I was a bit torn, she was wearing a sexy lingerie showing her amazing body (more details later), but I was expecting something else in the face, I mean she is not ugly, but I don’t know, she was not my type.

Her English is not that good, so we had a bit of issues communicating, but not a deal breaker.

We went into one of the small rooms, agreed on the massage and she went to pick the oil, asking me to wait for her. She came back after 2 min, and jumped in the shower where I was already fighting with the hot water, as mentioned before she has an amazing body, 6 pack, steel ass and very good silicone boobs that are perfect for her shape, she wears secretary glasses so imagine a mix of sexy secretary and hot gym trainer.

The shower was pretty quick, and we moved to the bed, as usual we started on the belly, while she jumped on me and started to oil me up, even if she is small and light (the measurements are matching the reality, not sure about the age but the rest yes), she is strong.

She started from my feet, all the way up, and I have to say the massage was actually quite good, I think she had experience and it wasn’t the first time on this job, she focused on my ass for a while, then she sat on it and focused on my back and neck, the only con was there wasn’t so much GFE, she was a bit cold under this point of view. Once she finished to massage with the hands all my back, she started to use her boobs, and the feeling was quite natural, not like some girls with slicon as hard as basketball balls. Then, she sat on my ass, and turned around, using her steel ass instead and watching herself on the top mirror.

Once the clock marked half of the time, she asked me to turn around, she almost sat on my dick, oiled my chest, oiled her chest and put my hands on that amazing surgery work, on the other hand, she told me to not touch her pussy (I have to say I was sad this time, she has a very nice one) and started to slide on me, she was so „savage“ that at some point I thought there was the risk to be inside her without realizing it.

Anyway, the massage continued a little longer, and it was a bit boring, until she moved to 69 position and started to jerk me off, the view of that ass was really good, and her forbidden pussy was pulsing in front of my face while she was working on my little friend.

Her handjob is a bit mechanic, but that view helped to finish successfully on the clock. After that, she cleaned me with the tissues, and brought me to the shower where she cleaned me superficially and left.


  • the girl has a crazy hot body, but nothing special in the face (at least for me)
  • she doesn’t speak english very well, so it could be a problem understanding each other for the non czech speakers
  • 0 GFE approach, I mean really 0, the massage was mechanic and a bit boring even if the techiques were good, simply not so erotic
  • for me was a neutral experience, I think that for Czech people would be nicer since she was trying to communicate but not really successfully
  • repeat? probably no,simona-rabbit-hall-774-910-918-774910918


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