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Veronika – Secret Place

New experience at Secret Place.

This time I booked Veronika 1h pussycat for 2400 CZK, discounted to 2100 CZK thanks to the tapky coupon, keep in mind she is different from the other masseuses both in approach and services, more details later.

I’m not going to describe the salon because I already did for Blanka and Nicole, and the salon is the same, no improvements between the visits, I still think it’s below average and they should improve the hygiene.

I booked via sms with the operator and I was supposed to be the first client of the day for Veronika, I arrived at the building door at the establised time -2 min and I was told to wait those 2 min, after around 7 in the cold still there was nobody so the operator told me Veronika hasn’t arrived yet and she let me in (kudos to the operator, she is actually pretty nice :D), we went inside in the usual room (I always been in the same room even if I tried different girls there), the operator apologized a million times and told me to wait until Veronika arrived, she came with 15 min delay carrying a box full of „accessories“.

Once she arrived, I have to say I didn’t really have the wow effect, based on the pictures I was expecting something different, she was without make up, she has the girl next door vibe, but I can confirm she has a great body.

We agreed on the massage and she sent me to have shower, as you know the shower is crazy small and up to now I was able to fit there only with Nicole that is quite tiny.

I went back to the room and instead of finding Veronika naked with the towel, I found her with some latex lingerie (I was a bit worried I made a mistake with the massage), she told me to lie down and that she would give me instructions for the next steps of the massage confirming her dominant approach.

I haven’t tried the pussycat massage so many times, but from my experience it’s always been a regular b2b with the allowed pussy licking, this massage was far from a regular b2b.

While I was lying on my belly, she started to oil me and massage my back without her body touching mine, she was super distant however she is good at what she is doing, after around 7/8 min she started to focus on my ass, teasing my friend and my balls. Once she realized I was getting hard, she started to focus on my dick „from behind“ while I was still lying on my belly, it’s hard to explain but even it was quite weird it was really pleasant, she was alternating the balls, the area close to the anus and the tip of my dick, and it was really difficult to not explode after few minutes.

This special massage continued for a good 15 min, then finally she „allowed“ me to turn around and she removed her panties but kept the bra, but instead of putting some oil on me and slide on me she went immediately in 69 position so that I could lick her, she made clear that she didn’t want to be fingered nor even touched, only licked and after I think 5 min she asked to change again.

She finally removed her bra so that I could admire her boobs (nice one, but I think gravity started to win against her, that’s why in the picture she keeps her boobs up), but even this time there were several restrictions. She asked me to change position once again, and she lied on her back so that I could lick her a bit and play with her boobs, she even told me what part of her body hold, what to squeeze and how, while here and there she was keeping my friend hard.

The time was about to finish so she asked where I wanted to cum and I picked her boobs, so she asked me to sit on her while would do her magic and I could spray her for good.

I don’t know exactly what she did, but I was able to finish in like 90 seconds successfully on her boobs.

Once I was done, she immediately got up and kep her boobs up like the pic, like she was afraid I’d noticed they are falling a bit.

She sent me to the shower (again alone of course), I put my clothes on and left lighther than when I arrived.


  • the girl definitely prefers BDSM massages, it’s clear from her approach and the different list of services on the website
  • she is overall nice, but nothing special in the face, she is older than the declared age (I think 30), but still has a nice body
  • too many restrictions for my taste, at the end I paid for a massage and I’m not sure I got what I paid for
  • 0 GFE
  • repeat? no
  • the salon should work a little bit on the organization, if I book at x time, I don’t think it’s normal the girl arrived 15 min later, it’s getting cold in Prague and wait outside is not really nice
  • emoji: neutral, not bad but not smile,veronika-secret-place-606-566-696-606566696

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7 listopadu, 2023 23:38

Agree, I visited her about a year or more ago, back then at a different parlor. She’s quite pretty, and her body is good, but she’s really not spontanous at all, she tells you what to do, it’s like she had a script or she wanted to control the situation, as you stated. I think she realizes how pretty she is and that all the guys are into her so she can afford to act like that. That’s a shame because I think she could have potential otherwise.

I wouldn’t recommend her either.

8 listopadu, 2023 01:08
Reply to  guru-masazi

Really useful information in excellent English.  👍 
BTW, did you find her under the same (her) name there?

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