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Emily – Lovelygirls

Happened 4 weeks ago. The privat is in Prague 5, not Prague 10 as stated on their website. I arrive there that it had just reopened. (I think I have been the very first client!). They just moved into this building so they are still adjusting a few things and the appointment started slightly later due to logist issue. Appointmente taken via whatsapp. 30min with Emily.When I get inside the apartment I got greeted by Natalie. Wonderful girl. I though she was the receptionist instead she works there. Really beautiful figure and very smiling girl. But I am actully booked with Emily. The girl is as per the photos. Also the age seems to match. She tries her best to make you happy during the whole meeting and we had a beautiful interaction. At the end of the meeting I would come out very very satisfied. Very nice privat. Also the organizer/receptionist is very good at communicating via whatsapp, so no issue there. Both Emily and Natalie speak good english so no issues communicating as well with these 2 girls not with the receptionist. I make a gooking on my way out with Natalie, but with great disappointment I found out the next day I cannot attend so I promptly cancel it. What a pity. Anyway both Emily and the Lovelygirls Privat I would definitly repeat!

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