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Valery – Rabbit Hall

Another rabbit review, this time is the new Valery.

I booked 1h b2b for the discounted 1900 CZK, and this time was also in Prague 2, during the lunch break.

I won’t describe the salon because I did several time and everybody knows it, so I will start with the girl.

Valery is really nice, from the accent and the face I’d say she is  Ukrainian, the measurements from the website are matching except the boobs size because I really don’t think she has a size 2, I’d say 1+ tops, not a big deal for me but for the people who are looking for boobs maybe she is not the best choice.

She was super friendly from the beginning, her english is pretty good, she kissed me on the chick, took my hand and brought me in one of the smaller rooms.

We agreed on the massage, and she went for the oils asking me to wait for her for the shower.

She came back in like 2 minutes (good but the oil was a little bit cold), and we went in the shower, she is pocket size so the shower was quite fun, in general she was friendly also in the shower, she has an amazing ass and she started to rub on my friend that got activated immediately so she attacked him immediately after, I asked her to stop because I didn’t want to finish in the first 5 min 😀

Once we were cleaned and horny enough, we moved to the bed, she started the b2b quite soon, not so much wasted on the feet and the legs, even if she has small boobs she was using them quite well and sliding on all my body, once in a while she was caressing my balls to keep the little friend motivated.

After like 10 min, she turned around and started to use her perfect ass, again sliding it all over me while once in a while exploring my areas.

I think around the middle of the massage, she asked me to turn around, she oiled me for good, and jumped on me to fake ride me, she started to come closer to me so I had the chance to suck her nipples while holding her ass and watching everything from the new top mirror. In general you can touch her wherever you want, but she doesn’t want to be fingered (at least with me), on the other hand she liked a lot when I rubbed her clit while she was on top of me.

We played with each other for a while until I had the last 10 min, so I asked her to move in 69 position to admire the view and she started to jerk me off, even if I was horny as hell I was not there yet, so she started to say „I want your cum baby, please give me your cum“ and even if it sounded totally fake it worked like a charm and I exploded like a fountain making her laugh for the load 😀

We jumped quickly in the shower since the time was basically over, she helped me to remove the oil while chatting a little bit more.


  • super friendly girl
  • beautiful, great ass, but smaller boobs than advertised
  • repeat? YES

I consider this a super smile emoji,valery-rabbit-hall-774-910-918-774910918


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