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Last review of the month, another blonde rabbit.

I wanted to book again Valery but she was busy at the time I asked, so the operator suggested Kira since they have similar features and I booked the usual 1h b2b for 1900 CZK in Prague 2.

At first, I again met another customer leaving while I was going in, not a big deal for me but there should be more attention to the privacy, another girl was at the door (not sure who she was, maybe Chloe but for sure she was quite interesting), she asked which girl I wanted and Kira arrived.

Kira is nice, nothing special I have to say, super slim, nice ass and no boobs (that’s probably why they suggested when I requested Valery and she was not available), but I would have changed her with the one that opened the door 😀

Since the very beginning, I had the feeling she was cold, and I was right, more details later.

We went to one room, she said she would go for the oils and told me to shower alone, she would shower with me at the end (-10 points), sadly I did and waited for her for a good 5 min after the shower.

We moved to the bed and she started a quite weak massage, I couldn’t even see that much from the mirrors, after half massage I asked her to turn around (I think she would have continued for a little longer), she oiled me up a lot, and sat on me, I tried to touch her „boobs“, and she complained she had sensitive nipples so she asked me to stop, she slided a little bit and I had the chance to at least touch her biggest gift, when my hand was a little bit closer to her pussy she jumped saying that I couldn’t touch her (fair enough), since I basically couldn’t do anything, I asked her to go in 69 position to at least admire the view, she agreed but she did it in a way I couldn’t see her pussy.

She started to jerk me off, without success, so the time ran out and we went for the promised shower, during the shower there was almost no talking at all.


  • the girl is nice, but nothing special
  • great ass, 0 boobs, 0 GFE
  • too many limitations
  • repeat? no

To be clear, based on the other reviews I think either she had a bad day or she didn’t like me, anyway I don’t feel to giver her a bad emoji, and I’m going to stick with the neutral one.

On the other hand, this is one of the cases where I think would be better to simply say no for the massage (in case the girl doesn’t like the client), or stop it in the middle (in case the client doesn’t like the girl) and partially refund it.

See you next month,kira-rabbit-hall-774-910-918-774910918


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