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Dominika – Rabbit Hall

Another rabbit I tried recently, Dominika.

I wanted to try a new girl, but everybody was book except Dominika, so I booked for 1h b2b for 1900 CZK in prague 2, and I hoped for the best.

I won’t describe the salon because I did several time, but this time I have a small complain for RH, when I go to the Prague 2 salon, there are always people going at the same time, so to avoid contact I sometimes wait a little bit watching windows, and then ring the bell to avoid to meet people, but this is the second time that I ring, I go down and when they open the door there is the girl with the previous customer.

I mean, I don’t live in Prague so I don’t care that much, but a little bit more attention to customers‘ privacy would be appreciated.

Anyway, since the girl that opened the door was not Dominika (I think it was Adriana, but to be honest I’m not sure), I asked for her and she arrived, contrary to Mia where I was expecting something nicer this time she was nicer than expected 😀

The only difference with the picture is that she has a couple of tattoos (maybe they were done after the pics, or they were simply photoshopped), not a big deal for me but for somebody could be a deal breaker.

She is super friendly, and smiles a lot, so I knew it would be a good experience, we went to one of the room, agreed on the massage and she went for the oils, she came back while I was about to go in the shower and she even made a joke I didn’t wait for her, so we went together and we started to play.

Over all it was a very nice shower, she only fakes it too much, too moaning to be real, but she really tries to deliver a good GFE experience I guess, we cleaned each other and then she went in doggie position and played with my friend while I could admire her very nice and round ass.

We dried and went to the bed, she put some oil on me and started to slide, I appreciated that she didn’t waste time on feet and useless parts, she was quite direct and she was always checking if I was looking in the mirror and adjusted in a way I could see as much as possible (+10 points), she is actually a very good masseuse, usually i don’t care that much but she was above average so it’s good to mention.

After she covered all my body, she asked me to go down a little bit and she sat above my head with her treasure exposed while she was using her boobs to do a second round for some reason at reverse (by the way, she has more a 1.5 boobs with big nipples, but very firm and she likes if you play with them), finally she asked me to turn around (I think around the 30 min clock), and the show began, she oiled me up and went a little bit crazy, started to kiss all my body (not all, unfortunately but you get it) and slide very close to my friend while I was playing with her nipples.

She came closer, so I started to suck the nipples and play with her clit (she was quite happy about it), we changed a bit of positions and I was able to finger her for a while, until in her partially fake moaning she asked me to book again with the pussycat for the next time 😀

The time was about to finish, so she went back on top of me, turn around with her ass almost on my face, and started to jerk me off as fast as she could (that’s the only complaint I have, poor handjob techniques), and I was able to finish right on time.

We went again to shower, but this time was very quick, big kiss and goodbye.


  • super friendly girl, tall, round ass, nice boobs even if smaller than advertised
  • not the best handjob technique, but one of the best approach I experrienced
  • repeat? YES
  • smiley face,dominika-rabbit-hall-774-910-918-774910918


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24 září, 2023 23:21

Does she have enhanced lips?

25 září, 2023 09:08
Reply to  travelfucker

Thanks. Forget about tattoos, duck face is the biggest deal breaker for me, I just can not get over that cheap porn look.

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