Alex – Rabbit Hall

Another rewiew about one of the rabbits, this time is about Alex and this time is not good.

I booked for a 1h b2b in offer at 1900 CZK on the website, I wanted to try a new girl and Alex looked really good from the old pictures, plus she was also tall and since I’m 1.90 it was another plus.

I arrive at the Prague 2 salon, and another girl opens the door, I said I had the reservation for Alex and finally arrives, I have to say I was already disappointed.

I mean, the girl is definitely not ugly, but she doesn’t match the pictures at all, she is tall but I don’t think she has a 2,5 size ad declared on the website, max I’d say 1,5 and she definitely has a big ass, not in a good way.

I decided to give her a chance and we went to the room, after we agreed on the massage, she asked if I wanted the shared shower, I said yes and waited for her few minutes.

She removed the salon uniform and joined me in the shower, this is where I noticed the smaller boobs and the bigger ass, plus I think she has a bit of a cross eye.

Anyway, after the most boring shower I’ve had in RH finished, we moved to the bed, she started to add a lot of oil here and there and she massaged me from the side, I was hoping in the regular sliding on top of me but nothing, she continued in this way for around 20/25 min and she asked me to turn around.

Again, she massaged me from the side, 10 min before the end, she jumped on me so that I could finally touch her a little bit and finished me while sitting on me.

We had another boring shower and left 5 min before the end.


  • average girl, not really matching what is declared on the website
  • definitely not an experienced masseuse
  • I paid for b2b but I got 5 min tops of b2b during the massage
  • repeat? NO.

Sad emoji for this girl.

Attached the new photo and if you compare to the old one, you can see the difference (plus the new one is for sure photoshopped).,alex-rabbit-hall-774-910-918-774910918


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12 června, 2023 06:55

Hi, yes, what you write is sad, I know a girl from Amateurs, sometimes she offers a website, sometimes classics, probably depending on her mood, she also did massages elsewhere, I liked her a lot, this is what my boyfriend told me when he was there for her, not even to caress her bottom it was impossible… but massage about nothing, big ass, smaller tits, nothing to talk about… thanks (yes, she is beautiful in old photos)

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