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Hello fellas,

Sorry for not writing this in czech, my czech level is not yet good to write a review like this 😀

This is my first review and it is unfortunately a negative one, but hopefully it was just a case. The event happend yesterday.


Perfect, the lady at the reception is also the operator who writes in the chat in telegram  and she was very nice, fast and helpful. Booked in the same day.

Massage: 1h, body to body, 2300-. Agreed and paid before the massage.


Well, I do not want to comment too much on her body, but mostly on her approach. But I will start from how she looks like.

She is kind of a „big girl“ compared to most of the girls doing massage i would say. But I believe many guys would love to have a girl like her.

She is Very big and nice boobs, and same for the ass. I prefer smaller ass, but her boobs were good. I think she has gained couple of kilos from the photos that she has and for some reasons I felt like she was bigger than I thought. I is only my impression, because I believe she matches the sizes on the website.

So I am ok with the physical aspect, not my favourite one, but I specifically chose her because of her boobs.

Her behaviour was weird to me, and this is what makes the review totally negative.

The girl doesn’t speak English at all, and this made her shy to speak to me. We didn’t have any basic conversation and also she did not look to my face for the first 30minutes..very shy. When I understood that she doesn’t speak English i tried with my czech. I have very basic czech but I can do conversations, my colleagues say that I am good at it 😃 she pretended not to understand me even tho I was sure I asked in a proper way. And she told me sorry I speak only Russian and Czech…OK.

So this motivated me a lot, and ruined everything because she totally avoid contact with me.

Under the shower at the beginnings I took initiative in everything, and even though I saw she liked it she didn’t want to make me finish. So we moved to the bed where I told her to make me finish because I was very horny and after I came we started the massage.

Note: she didn’t want to make me finish on her boobs even if the operator suggested me to choose this girl for such thing.

After the massage she saw that I was not attracted by her anymore and I think she got angry and became more sensual. But to be honest I don’t think she is good with sensuality, she is too young and unexperienced, I felt like that she challenged herself to make me finish the second time, but I failed. So we went to the shower, where I was again hard and we had some other time of erotism, but only led by me, even if I think she enjoyed something.

Anyways the experience was overall bad, I was thinking the whole time to leave earlier and find another girl for massage.  Unfortunately I cannot give a positive rate to this.

Thank you


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