Eva – Rabbit Hall

Another monthly visit in RH, this time in Prague 5 with Eva.

As usual, 1h b2b (body to body) for the discounted price of 1900 CZK, I don’t know about the other people but the game on the website always stops to the same point while before I was „winning“ at least once or twice per month…

Anyway, morning appointment with Eva, Czech girl, she opens the door, no wow effect, she speaks an above average English compared to the other rabbits, from the pictures I was expecting something a little bit different but I decided to stay.

She didn’t offer the first shower together, so I jumped in the shower thinking if it was another Luna mistake, and hoped for the best, she arrived after a couple of minutes with the company sexy rope, while I was drying myself, she dropped the rope and I could admire her enhanced breasts.

She is not super slim, but not even fat, so those bigger boobs fit quite well on her body even if she has a bit larger ass then I would like but still nice, after a bit of touches here and there, we moved to the futon (for some reason I get always the same room in Prague 5, with a weird shower and only one mirror next to the futon).

The massage started quite slow, she played a little bit too much with my feet and legs, so just in case I reminded her I wanted the b2b, so jumped on me and started to slide her ballons here and there while chasing my little friend from behind.

She asked me to turn around and she moved on top of me, fake riding me (holding my friend with one hand, while she rubs her pussy on me faking the sex act), she leaned on me so I started to suck her nipples and she particularly enjoyed it, so she moved in a 69 position but she doesn’t do the pussycat so it was tempting but I couldn’t really do anything.

She started to jerk me off until I exploded on her face (karma for the 69 position I guess), we laughed about it, cuddle a little bit, and cleaned each other in the shower where we barely fit together (in retrospect, maybe that’s why she didn’t offer the shower at the beginning).

To recap:

  • nice average girl, not slim, not fat, nice enhanced boobs and round ass
  • good english
  • under average GFE
  • good HJ techniques

repeat? It’s a 50/50 to me, maybe we didn’t click, so I will go with the medium emoji.



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