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Stella – Rabbit Hall

Another review for RH, this time is the time of Stella.

I booked via the website a 1h B2B for 1900 CZK, this time in Prague 5.

She opened the door and she looked familiar, she told me she was working in another salon, so maybe we met there a while ago.

The description is matching, she is definitely not 20, but she has a nice body, nice boobs (softer but still pretty ok), and a nice ass, she is from Ukraine but she’s been in Prague for a while.

We showered together and we started already to play with each other, either she is a very good actress or I was particularly inspired since she came already in the shower 😀

She smiled at me and we went to the bed, she started a very good massage, from the feet all the way up, taking care of the „important“ spots to keep it interesting, she finally went on top of me, put a lot of oil and started to slide on me, while I was playing with her from a very bad position.

We turned after around 20/25 min, and I had the chance to play with her clit while she was on top of me, I guess we clicked because she sprayed on my face and asked me to stop for a minute to „recover“, at that point I went on top of her, and played again with her pussy to see if I could succeed one more time, it happened but not a second shower this time, just a regular one with her trembling.

She went back on top of me and dedicated the last 15 min to my pleasure, so she grabbed my little friend so be sure it would be in the right place, and lied on me so that I could suck her boobs, out of nowhere she looked at me and she kissed me, she was quite good I have to say, she turned around, put her ass on my face and continued to jerk me off, once I felt I was about to explode, I asked her if I could finish on her boobs, so she went on her knees, lifted the boobs with her arm and continued to jerk me off until I covered her, porn movie style.

We had a second shower to get rid of all that oil, I paid and left the salon to meet with a friend for a beer.


  • pretty nice girl, nice boobs (a bit soft), nice ass
  • nice approach
  • repeat? hell, yes,stella-rabbit-hall-774-910-918-774910918


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20 dubna, 2023 17:26

Man, how do you always make the masseuses to orgasm. You have to give us a tutorial how to master that 😀

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