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Karina – Rabbit Hall

Last massage at Rabbit Hall left me tired. I decided to visit Karina, who has really beautiful pictures and good reviews from presumably expats/english speaking tourists on the massagehall website (not sure if all are real, or the parlor just publishes good ones though). She seems to be working only on weekends as she is a student from what I understood later.

On the agreed day and time I ring the bell “Massage”, the familiar smell of the salon hits my nose and I go down, where I am greeted by Karina. She is pretty, has nice genuine smile, the pictures are definitely her, although she could use some exercise. By no means is she fat (yet), she has a nice female figure, but her belly is starting to collect more fat tissue than would be ideal, so it could become problem with time, if she is not careful. Somehow, I imagined her a bit different though. More energetic I would say. That’s what I lacked during the massage – more sexual energy. I appreciate that after specifying the massage, she offered me choice of different drinks and then she fetched it very quickly together with oil while I was taking my clothes off, so very time efficient in terms of time spent together. Initial shower was together, not very erotic, but she will clean you well (seemed quite shy about touching my cock and balls in a way, just cleaned them briefly). She is good to talk to, very pleasant small talk with young girl.

After I lay down on the futon, she starts by slowly touching my whole body from legs to head. Then adds the B2B part, and I have no better expression for this then “Fast and furious”. She has a nice C cup boobs that she will use to slide on your back in a kinda fast and furious way. The whole range of movements was rather uncoordinated, and I was missing the “flow” when the masseuse slides on you in an uninterrupted and smooth way. Although she kept smiling at me in the mirror from time to time, I could see that she was somewhat tired and maybe not in the best mood. The vibe was really mixed, one moment I was with young pretty girl with smile on her face, the other moment I was in a presence of tired from life young woman who does just for the money. Not sure if her parents are not in good financial position to support her during studies, or if she is the kind of girl who likes to spend on clothes, manicure (she had very nice one), pedicure, cosmetics etc. and does this job to keep up her spending. Would be very interesting to know what her parents would think, if they knew what job she does.

The part on the back came before the half and was better then the fast and furious part on the belly. She combined various approaches and many positions of sliding her body on my cock. She has very nice boobs, so sliding my cock between them was real pleasure. Pity she seems to guard the treasure between her legs, during the whole massage I was not able to really see her pussy. Let alone touch it, which I did not even try, because I had a feeling that it would scare her off and kill the whole massage. In the end, she started to jerk me off fast with strong grip, which I didn’t like. She was open to my suggestions and tried adjusting the technique to my liking, but the hand job was still very poor. In the end I managed to finish successfully with huge load while holding her beautiful tits. From the final part I got an impression that she is either confused as to how to jerk a cock properly (same as lot of men are confused how to eat pussy right), or she got tired from jerking off tens of men per week and may have some negative association with it.

Some time was left after she cleaned the jizz and I expected some cuddling, but she remained quite distant. We talked a bit more, I enjoyed that, her English is fine as is her personality and then we went together to shower. After that I dress up, pay 2,100 for an hour B2B, then she hugs me and off I go.

I have had really mixed feelings about this massage. Karina is young girl with great tits and nice personality, but she just lacks the proper technique. Moreover, she just seemed tired when I paid closer attention to the energy in her eyes, which in the end has taken some energy from me as well and I did not feel as energized like when getting massage from masseuse that is full of energy. On the contrary I felt quite tired afterwards.

Gotta go with frowny smile ☹ Because of the bad technique, lack of pussy and lack of proper erotic energy. She is, however, young pretty girl, nice to talk to. So if that’s enough for you, or you never saw a naked Asian girl before, this might not be poor choice. I myself certainly won’t repeat and will try someone else, or maybe some of the new parlors that popped up recently.,karina-rabbit-hall-774-910-918-774910918


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